DD TV – On my top albums

I’m an avid music listener and I often have the luck and the pleasure of hearing good music and in every format, but the format of the record isn’t going to be the real topic of this blog.

I’m going to describe the genesis of the two weeks albums, one of the newest DD TV featurettes. On behalf of the crew, I wish I could thank you for the interest given on those posts!

I think I started back in early 2010, to make a list of all albums – from milestone recordings of the past to the more recent titles released – I wanted to listen to. I’m still updating that list. Then I thought: why not actually listening to them? I don’t want to keep them a permanent listening, I might keep these records playing for, let’s say… a fortnight!

As time passed by, I realized two weeks was my personal gap to “absorb”, to feel that music like “mine” on my ears. So, the exclusive listening for 15 days became a role and later the name of a featurette.

Before having a proper DD TV dedicated post, the two weeks album had a 140 characters review on my Twitter: it was funny, as summarizing my thrill and feeling on an album using 140 characters was a challenge! I carried on for some time one, when I partially gave up and, after checking in with the rest of the crew, the ground was ready to host, for 2016, this room for my own two weeks albums.

I have to confess few of these albums I already listened to, became “permanent” listening, as well certain songs taken from these albums.

As I mentioned above, the “Albums wish list” is still under construction: I am glad that record industry still release interesting music and am relieved there are still few good musicians, including their live records. I am glad to say most of them are still in my heart. I am proud to admit I often pick up awesome albums, I really have good taste.

All the entries on that “wishing list” are picked up and “nominated” on my Music Monday tweets on Twitter.

All of entries on that “wishing list” actually are “2 weeks albums”: in all this time I’m slowly, gradually searching for them on digital formats and on CD. It deals with a more-than-10 pages list and I know it’s keeping me busy for months! I think I have managed to get only the 10-15% of the albums featured there. I don’t feel down, because I say I haven’t listen to most of that stuff, yet, indeed: the search of music albums is getting like a “treasure hunt”, which gets me excited and a warmer music fan. I never had a day thinking that making my music top albums wishing list was a mistake. I maybe feel a bit of regret for not living as a teen in certain years of the 70’s, when a good part of those albums was released, but I think my acquired wisdom today will make me enjoy that music in a better perspective.

Ok.. next album I added to my wishing list (a future “two weeks album”) is going to be Dandy Warhols’ “Distortland”.


DD TV xx


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