DD TV Glam rock party – April 2016



Off the current international charts, we are recently watching a vacuum of experiments in pop music, now invaded by the rappers, and a wave of “new ideas” in rock music. Yay!

We are noticing there is more energy in promoting pop music acts and albums than promoting rock music bands: when in rock music, the key word is simply “live tour”, in pop music it takes more than one key word to keep the fans awaken.

We wonder if the decision of releasing globally new studio records on Fridays would have a stronger impact in pop or in rock music in terms of sales. (!?).

Female musicians have sold more records than their male mates in the music industry, it is well known, but the male musicians’ albums make more noise, no matter it’s rock or pop music.

Rock musicians tend to do more improvisation on the stage than they pop music co-workers do. We noticed pop musicians try to reproduce their records when live, where rockers… just let it go and they have fun.

Rockers have in mind to make milestone songs, to make songs that can be remembered, pop musicians tend to do momentary things, to experiment, as in their mind the horizon is the one of a “… cycle of an album”.

You are wrong if you think rockers seem to be the most sensitive to the social issues and problems, but it is true they have the loudest voice to be heard.

**Another loss in rock music: it deals with Prince, who passed away this past Thursday 22nd Aprile . He influenced many rockers with his psychedelic, funk, soul and black music touch. He was only 57, just gone too soon.  He will be sadly missed.





MUSICALITY: Guitars riffs and drums: pure hard rock, pure fun! A great guitar-centric album

LYRICS: lyrics are mostly on politics: it seems the chants of a generation disillusioned on their country after the two Bush’s Presidents Governments. Thre is some spoken language spoken, but it’s justified in Punk music.

FAVE SINGLES : Are we the waiting, She’s a Rebel and all singles taken from the album.



It’s one of their best albums and maybe because it was a sort of reunion” album for a couple of old members who rejoined the line-up, on all the lead vocalist Bruce Dickinson.

Powerful guitars, the usual heavy metal anger, but we found it all so melodic and enjoyable (never trivial). No obscene language spoken, indeed we found a cultivated group of guys performing: we found few quotes from the Bible, from the Dante’s Dive Comedy, thought-provoking lyrics. Every lyric is a story,

Some of the tracks, like The Nomad, for example, recall the rock music operas of the 70s (Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody….): not bad for a long time heavy metal band.

Our favorites are: The ghost of the navigator, Mercenary, Dreams in mirrors, The wicker man, The Nomad.



DD TV xx



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