DD TV Glam Pop Party – April 2016

DD TV Glam Pop Party – Legacy


April is about to end and when a month comes to an end on the horizon we have a list to do.

This was the month of the loss of another pop music icon, Prince.

We have listed above all what can regard his legacy: clothes and style, questions, the top albums, the categories in which he should have got more Awards, our fantasy line up bands, our fave video clips and a DJ set.

Funk in peace, man.




We love his Jimy Hendrix-style outfit during the “Purple Rain” days;

the hats he was used to wear in his late days;

the provoking outfit of the “Kiss” clip.



If we could ask him whatever, these would be our queries:

Why did you make so much music, demos ….?

How come did you denounce/anticipate few things on the Sign O’ the Times lyric?

What is better to do in music for a productive, genial, prolific and creative artist as you are: to establish music collaborations or to record music with a proper band aside?

What about the today talent TV Shows?





Paisley Park was the album of our discovery

Sign o’ The Times, is what we think is his masterpiece

Spectrum Plectrum, released years later, was amazing for the surprising guitar riffs.





He had our total support and admiration:

for fighting against the streaming services for underpaid royalties to artists,

for his pioneering moves,

for the on line sale of music,

for his views on selling concert tickets.



He influenced so many music acts, because of his love for funk, psychedelic and black music.

We’d dream of a duet with David Bowie – two geniuses in one song

A collaboration with Duran – pop chameleons

A collaboration with the great Nile Rodgers – two pioneers of funky music

A collaboration with Ed Sheeran




He didn’t spend much money on video clips, but he scored with a movie “Purple rain”, which can well represent the 80’s.

Having said that, the early Paisley Park album clips were our favourites.

The last pick is the Bat Dance, the soundtrack for the 1989 “Batman” movie,


DJ SET : made on topics concerning his life and sudden passing away: rain, pioneer, star, medicine


Duran Duran – Skin Trade

Queen – Princes of the universe

Bon Jovi – Bad medicine

Billy Idol – Shock to the system

Public Enemy – 911 is a joke

David Bowie – Absolute beginners

Simple Minds – Sanctify yourself

Peter Gabriel – Rain down

Phil Collins – I wish it would rain

Icona Pop – Emergency





DD TV xx


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