Being a rock star’s wife: where are love, rock and the stars?

Being a rock star’s wife: where is love? Where is rock? Where are the stars?

Raising the family


It is with a filled with joy and pride to see my first child growing up, healthy, smart, lively, lovely and friendly to everybody. He would never be alone with nans and baby-sitters, both of our parents, friends in and out of the show business, glad to help us, in a safe environment. That was my dream in my teen’s years. With the social sites and the communication facilities, much of the then worries of mine would be fewer, but the same facilities would make our lives surreal, sort of anxious and schizophrenic. I’d love our first kid would enjoy real love and to share a real friendly liaisons with his fellow mates and us adults.


What about if he asked me to have other kids? I’d feel happy, ‘coz that would mean he would trust on me and it would mean I wasn’t just a one-night love affair, but one on whom he can raise a family. That would make me change my view on musicians’ nature.

What about instead if I was the one to ask him to have another baby? I’d sound as the one who takes advantage on his money to have more babies… and that’s why I would never be the one to ask that thing! I didn’t want that when I was a kid, either today.

The decision of raising a family is a delicate one, you can imagine in the music business, where, what’s more I’m the one who is mentally not in that world!


Raising a child takes time away: nans, baby sitters, our parents might be asked for help as well. Hopefully our kids would grow up healthy, too.

Time is not the healer; in this phase of our life together is the tool to test our relationship. The one of us who can resist the longest with ups and downs and commitments related or not to our kids, is the one who keeps our marriage safe, keeps the pressure off our alliance.

I know kids are important, but not essential in a couple lives. Raising a family is just the most natural step every couple would do, if there are mutual love and respect.

I have to try doing the best I can best to be respectful to my kids and to him and kind to the fans and I think every effort of mine will be paid off. I never have to force anything to happen


The house and the family on one side, which are the symbols of quiet, safety and real love vs. the fans’ love and loyal support on the other: what is more painful for musicians to give up? What is the worst pain for musicians’ partners and wives in such dilemma?

Again, as I mentioned before, my new acquired task as a rock star’s wife and mum, is to do the best that I can to live my life with a smile, learning to wait for every little good thing to happen and to stay. I have to take fruition of every moment I am lucky to spend with him and with the fans, soon, because you learn a lot from the peeps out there.

When I was a teen, I’ve never heard of many couples on the road having trouble: I guess that was a better world, with fewer worries, more smiles. I can remember artists living the “Me generation”, that is with more vibes and energy, they had a stronger vision of their life, in and outside the recording industry (which was another thing than the one of today). It was a more naïve world, it was just fun and all what they did was sowing love…!

I don’t think raising a family with a rock star isn’t painful – again my point of view as a longtime fan now  – but I see they have more things to care of, with more facilities aside, I see more selfishness, partners are more demanding because today you can have more. The fans grew more critical, possibly, but rock stars can more easily ignore their comments.

Wow… so far, raising the family has been a trip! Lol!

DD TV xx


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