DD TV Dance Floor Massacre – May 2016

Our argument every time is developed in the three different phases, whose names took inspiration from groove and whose content changes according to the mood of the discussion. The “forerunner” is like an introduction, the “tour de force” is the place hosting the hottest words, and the “slow dance” is the conclusion.




We are avid listeners of dance music; we just can’t say still whenever we hear grove, percussive effects and techno songs. We do have our playlists on our music device, but being invited to do a DJ set, on a stage…. It’s still a fantasy. We are sharing the ways we’d love to be DJs…


The dj sets we do here, most of them are just to laugh. It’s just a set of songs, whose titles are linked together by humour on whatever topic. And that’s how we are used to make sets, because we actually don’t make it for a specific audience – the one of the dance floor, the ones of the clubs – our lists of dance songs are designed for us.

We love and admire deejays, because slowly they were able to acquire the wisdom they always deserved: from passing the songs to real superstars and requested music producers (and sometimes even coaches on Talent Shows, but that’s another deal…).

What is a DJ set today? Actually it seems it turned into it a visiting card, a sort of Visa they need to get to go clubbing to try being recognized.

A good DJ set is more than a commercial music hit; it is now a matter of honour.

We just dream to get that honour, but we aren’t interested in it.

The music fans like us are (also) dancers, who love hearing the groove and rocking around it. The level of stardom Deejays gain is not the achievement we aim to, but we try to do our best to make you peeps laugh and dance and that’s the best reward.

We might be kind of “slaves to the rhythm” (Grace Jones, thank you for the suggestion) and we just can’t see beyond the walls of the disco.


We love doing our own “unprofessional DJ sets”.

Our friendly dj sets might read as anything “professional”, intended as anything “good”, and that’s what is in our mind.

There are other guys, music fans like us, who are used to do our same funny job.

We take it as pure entertainment and we thank you for liking our grove-y lists!


DJ SET – Fingers, to spin, groove, party, imagination

Duran Duran – Late bar

AC/DC – Shook me all night long

Deelight – Groove is in the heart

Dead or Alive – You spin me round

David Bowie – DJ

Michael Jackson – Blood on the dance floor

The Rolling Stones – Under my thumb

Pet shop boys – Opportunity

Sirley Bassey – Gold finger

Culture Club – Church of the poison mind





DD TV  xxx


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