DD TV blog: fans on the internet


The social sites are recently us to connect with each other and they are giving us the possibility to send messages to our fave music stars.

Another big opportunity given to us – both fans and celebrities – is the have a couple of tools to make our “social life” easier and to keep ourselves “safe” from unwanted messages. One of these tools is the possibility to block the users who bother.

I told in previous blog posts I’m a regular, loyal music fan: I have no reason to be unkind, unless I’m bothered, but so far it didn’t happen and if it happened we could clarify and patch things up. I think you have to be mostly kind, as you deal with accounts of people you don’t know: I try to share my opinions, views, ideas, thoughts, feedback on whatever, using the most friendly of the terms and words I know and, in fact so far, I had no accident.

Having said that, I recently went through few facts that made me reflect: no one of them deserved any ranting, or tear, but these facts deserve at least one thought.

Two accounts strictly related to my music passion have blocked me: we were following each other, never had a bad word on anything. I was even used to send my #FF tweets and maybe this regular #FF love might have irritated me… I only have guesses, because the two “lovely” guys never told me why they were going to get rid of me.

The only case I blocked anyone ever was a fellow fan was bothering me: she has a passion for politics too and whenever I posted on tweets any of my opinion she replied me back, very often she used the wrong words and in the wrong moment: I was happy to block her.

The feeling after being blocked is bitter: I have never sent to anyone of my “friends” anything dirty, rude; I think I mostly walked in my lane; I think I am just not able to bother anyone. I just keep wondering what I have done to deserve it. What was the reason for keeping me away? The feeling of blocking anyone is basically revenge: it’s just “natural” when anyone hurts me, I do hurt back. I think I can do it only on the virtual reality world, as in my private life even when I’m right, I snarl back to the ones screaming on me, but I respond in an appropriate way.

The recommendations: I think I’ll try to avoid sending love too frequently and I’ll do it only with peeps I’m sure never block anyone. I think I’ll do my best to keep walking in my lane and to respect the opinions of the rest of the community: kindness and discretion, the two key words.

I’d have thing to advise here to my peeps, but everyone’s freedom must prevail. Just keep in mind that blocking is an amazing tool, but do NOT abuse of it and any abuse is punished. Try to prefer the “mute” button.

The social accounts should have a netiquette and probably the netiquettes are used on the Pages of Groups, for example, which feature rules and indications of behavior to follow. The deal is that one’s private life is not reflected on the cyber life, as you share the facts of your life also with people you really don’t know, but this “problem” should make you wiser, a better person in the cyber life.


DD TV xx


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