DD TV The Reader – June 2016


Sphere – Michael Crichton

I watched the related movie, back in late 90s and I did enjoy it. I had the opportunity to get the book few years later and got on reading it!

It is a thriller-action story, of suspense, a couple of moments designed for people with a “strong stomach” (that is if you can tolerate snakes and slimy creatures, blood…). It deals with a crew of scientists, who is sent underwater to investigate on the rest of an astro -ship fallen in the depth of the Pacific Ocean, near the Hawaii area, about 300 years before. They team discovers it was an American ship sent to the outer Space and thru a black hole. They also found a sphere, an apparently inanimate metal grey sphere and the men speculated on its origin, on its meaning and on how to open and enter it. The first crew member to find the door, to open it and to enter is the mathematician Harry, (Samuel J Jackson in the movie), who, after few hours since the exit of the sphere, begins to strangely behave. Soon the alien inside the sphere telepathically “communicates” on the computer with the crew inside their underwater temporary habitat. Giant creatures appear and odd facts take place around their habitat and 6 out of 9 crew members die. The three survivors manage to emerge alive on the surface, after having placed some explosive around the habitat underwater. They finally decide to forget about the sphere, as they are aware the alien inside has the power to materialize one’s thoughts (wisely they get afraid that thoughts can be used as weapons…).

There were days I sort of “took by assault” the book, due to the love I have for these types of stories.

The writer is famous for writing Jurassic Park and other famous amazing stories: I was certain this one wouldn’t have disappointed me.

I’VE READ: Area 51 by Annie Jacobsen

It was an interesting reading, because I love history. The writing is well packed, as it starts from the origins of the story of the area, immediately after the war, to this day, going thru all the discoveries, weapon and aircrafts tests, happenings.

Several documents are still under “top secret”, but we could know more of the truth thanks to President Clinton, in late 90s, who ordered to unveil few things, removing the secrecy.

While I was finding out the real facts, I had a scared view on America: they had the power to rule the planet, but they’d be able to destroy it as well, if any mistake were made!

I fancied of Area 51 of the place of aliens, but it is just a place of weapons.

By the way of aliens, I was impressed by what it appears to be true about the 1947 Roswell incident: the flying object that fell and crashed to the ground wasn’t from the outer Space and the truth to the “astronauts” is only partially revealed on this book.

I’VE READ  “God’s name is Mercy” by Pope Francis

A short, but likeable book that collects queries on mercy, sin, shame, confession and answered by the Pope in person.

The Pope’s view naturally reflects the Church ancient rules, but He reads more human and less conservative than the previous Popes did and less strict than the Roman Catholic rules appear to be.

Sin, confession, mercy are the basic factors on the decision to open the 2016 Jubilee of Mercy that the Pope announced back in late 2015.

It enlightened me up, I came to realize lots of things concerning the above topics. I am still a believer, although I’m going thru a very normal phase of anger and doubt on God (a priest reassured me it is normal, given the difficult times we are running).

I also think I am now more prepared for the Jubilee.

My only little doubt is: why is there evil if God is mercy?


Keith Richards – Life

I’m just at the beginning of the book, I’m reading the pages of his childhood.

One thing I can say: with the other rock stars’ memoirs I’ve read so far, the all share the facts they were victims of bullies at school and that they didn’t like going to school because they disliked being judged, or being under  the so-called “authorities”. Having said that, no rock star’s biography, so far, read boring.



Striscia la Notizia – Manuale anti furbi: a book on the most popular hoaxes, pranks (of the worst taste), frauds on line and in the real life.

Oscar Wilde –Aphorisms


Next update in October 2016



DD TV xx


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