DD TV The Screamer – June 2016

RIP Christina Grimmie



We heard of few cases in the recording industry, who, more to them than to us music fans, had this embarrassing fact stuck on their names. We say it was embarrassing more to them, because they were the ones who paid the highest price, legally first and commercially later. We fans just heard their voices, loved their songs and purchased their records.

We never noticed anything, How come we never did?

Hi-fi tech so far is able to “clean” the sound of music and to make the sound the best for your ears, as well the voices. The lips-synch was like sci-fi back then, but it was the best way to hide the “really bad” voices: this way they could carry on pretending they were singing for real. The teens like us, who watched them performing in their video clips or during the TV appearances, they just naively enjoyed their numbers. We just couldn’t do anything than to enjoy. Today you have the Consumers’ Associations, which can legally protect the music fans’ interest and rights; the hoax would go instantly, due to the amplifying of the internet/social media, and end up in a Court.

The legal question basically involves the performers’ crews, because they’re aware of what happens in the studio and are aware that on the stage they’re using other vocalists to double.  We guess they have to realize since day one what they’re doing , in respect of their official singer, in respect of the rest of vocalists, who do use their real voices taking the risks “of nature” and in respect of his fans. That’s why lawyers and accountants are called in, in the name of business: they fix the legal question with the two vocalists,  behind-the-scenes, so that contracts and success are sealed and safe, until no one finds it out.

The non-official vocalists today would be “revealed” thanks to the internet; also, we all fans are more “observers” and would not easily forget. We wouldn’t let it go. In fact the above mentioned cases are rare stuff, for the legal and ethics implications, , which probably in the 80’s had been underestimated.

In the end, we would speak of our feelings, as wiser music fans, considering the current times. The non- brilliant vocalists have two options: a) trying to pass the auditions in a Talent show, because at least here they have coach, who can try to hide what’s wrong in the sound of their voice and make it sound better, b) sharing their own clips of performances, their audio files on their social Pages and seeing what happens with the people there.

What is luck’s role? Overall, it’s luck who decides. Luck is more influential than the ones of the vocalists’ advisors.

Good luck to the new vocalists!



The 4th edition of the Talent Show kicked off on 24th February  2016.

We have seen few changes in the coaches crew: two long time coaches and one off the 2015 edition had announced they weren’t going to be back this year and they even criticized the way music is treated on TV.

The new coaches are Emis Killa, (a young rapper), Raffaella Carrà (a comeback after 2 years; she is one of the major Italian show girls), Dolcenera, (an amazing young Italian songster), Max Pezzali, (a lovely and talented young Italian musician).

The first “Blind audition” was a bit of low-profile, that is the applicants didn’t sound of the same quality/level as of the past. Also, we noticed the obscene language spoken by most of the new coaches: we were a little embarrassed to hear all of those “F*ck” pronounced here and there in a gratuitous way. Luckily, the following auditions were more enjoyable and the voice quality improved.

The “Live” sets aren’t that bad, but who is passing is mostly what we did not support. We are noticing a large use of covers of our time (70s/80s): this makes us glad, but the all the young applicants on the stage hardly know “our” hits: this implied wrong, but also original renditions.

The finalists: two men Elya and Charles and two girls, Tania and Alice. We definitely support for the two young boys: Charles has an amazing voice, Elya has imagery and a lovely voice. Who ended up winning? The one girl who grated on our nerves for all the competition: Alice! This year it was just a trash show.


X FACTOR 2016-17

The only confirmed coach/judge is Fedez, the young rapper from Milan, who two years ago made one of his guys win, singer Lorenzo Fragola. The other coaches are a comeback artist, the Italian performer Arisa, the frontman of the long-time Italian rock band Afterhours Manuel Agnelli and the Spanish singer Alvaro Soler.

The first auditions started in June, but the show will be televised from September on.


DD TV xx


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