DD TV Eye on fashion – June 2016

Milan Fashion Week 19th – 26th June 2016


Some of the new models are now kids of the most famous models of the 80s and they often do their job during our Fashion Week; another famous 80s star daughter is a make-up artist and she is busy behind the scenes: to these growing stars our support! We are glad to have you here more than one time during the year.


Valentino is owned by the Arabian Emirate, Krizia is owned by non – Italian hands: the famous “Made in Italy” logo was born here to be sold away.


Missoni’s brand is crossing a hard moment: the loss of two family members was just too much. All support guys!


Top models in music? In the 80s few top models made amazing albums, although they were properly professional singers: We pay homage to Sade, Brenda Russell, the late Whitney Houston started as a top model and ended up as a vocalist. Later Naomi Campbell did an album. The most successful was the lovely Sade.

Rock on girls with your style!


John Richmond (one of our favourite designers who, within the rest, created the merchandise for the 2004 DD Reunion tour and who in 2009 during a Milan show put a DD dedicated music set). We hope John could be back with his old huge shows in the Montanelli Park very soon, we hope the newly elected Mayor would do better things with fashion.


PUNK MASTERS BY PATTY PALAZZO: Patty is an awesome woman-designer on demand. She can create some cool drum logos (played by some awesome drummers): she’s been doing designs for new tees; she designed artworks for records and books.

Patty is hosted in this space as “special guest” in the behind the scenes of the Milan Fashion Weeks.




Yves Saint Laurent changed art director and the former one is probably going to work with Dior.


May 2016: Chanel is the first dedicated fashion show in Cuba, after the recent important openings to America and to the world. Do you think all of this new business will remove the Cuban DNA?


Armani, Fendi, Krizia International applied. Armani is going to do two shows; Fendi had trouble with the authorization to close and to keep the area free from traffic, which was fixed only late during this past week.


Again the awesome fashion show of the new brand “White” is taking place for the Woman Fashion Week


The Vogue Fashion Night Out day this year is scheduled on 20th September 2016.


The “Pitti” fashion gig is usually scheduled only in Florence: it was hosted in Milan only during Expo, last year.


The new Fashion Week is kicking off in the same days of the election of the Mayor of the hosting town. It must be said that no one of the candidates during their 2016 campaigns never explicitly said they were fashion supporters, maybe only Mr. Sala recognized Milan/Italy represents the top of Italian fashion and design in the world more than the opposite candidate did. For, at the moment, we can’t say what is going to happen to our own fashion weeks in the future. Certainly, nothing bad can happen, because fashion weeks have a brisk turnover.



 DD TV xx



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