DDTV- The question

Asking away: that’s one right a music fan has. We have topics, we have sources of inspiration; we have food for thoughts every day.  I’m going to speak of my own need of asking whatever and my main sources of inspiration.

First off, what is like sending a question to my music hero to me, now after over 30 years of music worshipping? I still feel it as a “right” and the need of asking is something I should never feel ashamed of. I’m no longer in my teenage, but I’m still in a state of awe with musicians – especially with guitarists –  because they’re like open books: they all seem to have a solid music background, they usually know lots of names and facts: it’s just a pleasure to hear them whenever they speak of music!

I have to have some time on my own to get inspired, so I have to fit between working life and family. I have to say it is never a problem of lack of inspiration: it’s rather a problem of “no time for inspiration”. I stopped reading the written interviews released by my music heroes a long time ago, even on the internet I am used to skip the related links and the links my contacts share on my timeline, as to me, the information given in often read like inaccurate and “biased”. My share of trust left would go on the official accounts. I often listen to the radio and sometimes, the things I hear from the DJs can be a “start” for one or more questions. The facts in music I daily get to know they very frequently inspire: probably they are the top inspiration.

The way I send my questions is easy: I’m use to send all on my fave icons on their message boards, or on the Timelines of their social accounts. They rarely reply, but they usually put a “like” on my posts. It’s great, because it means they love hearing what the fans wonder and I have frequently seen dedicated “Q&A” pages added on their official sites.

There is a special category of questions that I keep updated. These queries are connected with my very own music heroes: I am used to share them only on their official related Board of the Fan community official website. The hint for these questions is from chats I have from the fellow fans: apparently the same as of the other “music queries” above, but I just rate them “special, exclusive for my own music act”, so they can’t be shared on anywhere else. The other reason why I share it only on their official message board is the following: the guys did reply me at the very beginning, when they wanted the queries from fans to be sent at a specific spot. After the latest time I got their reply, I swore I wasn’t going to “put more pressure”: now I share the text of my newly conceived questions on the MSG Board, to all and sundry to see and the text is available for comments. I love that I am honest! Last, but not least, I am happy they did reply me in the original way they designed for fans, so I made my task as due.

With reference to the rules, the ethic and netiquette, I have to say as opposite to the right of sending questions, there is a list of duties, designed by the artists, aside the general ones of ethics and the essential internet ones, that we all should go under, no matter how intense or urgent your need of asking could be. Rules exist to make the Q&A game fair, in the light of the entire fans community; fans should respect them to reinforce peace inside. Inside every fans’ group there is a “fan leading team”, usually composed of 2/3 guys, who strictly is up to control what is going on inside their group. I think it is a good thing, that is I think rules on ethics and netiquette on how to conceive the questions and the rules/instructions on how to send them aren’t tools to spoil your freedom or creativity, at all!

Interaction with the fans fuels each other and it might also be a boost to the record sales; a form of communication based on civil terms like a “Q&A” session can put the artist and their fans community under a better light in the music world, every form of civil and a quiet dialogue prevents from blazing rows, negativity and unconstructive controversies in the fandom.


DD TV xx


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