DD TV The viewer – July 2016

July 2016

Aside the only official Oscar’s ceremony held in LA every year, this is the place where we post our feedback on the most impressive movies we have watched in these past few months.

We use the following “rough” method for the rating.

*** (3 stars) good movie, but not excellent

**** (4 stars) great

***** (5 stars) don’t miss it, highly recommended

JURASSIC WORLD – with Chris Pratt (2015)

In late February 2016 the movie was aired on national premiere on TV and I was curious to watch it, as I had just finished to read a novel of writer Michael Crichton who did the debut novel for the “Jurassic” saga.

I had great expectations for the special effects, computer graphics, which, in fact they didn’t disappointed me.

As far as the story is regarded, I remembered the Crichton’s genius I was again appealed by it: the “new” thing was that this time,. The scientists working in the team of the “Bio park”  were ordered to create brand new dinosaurs manipulating the DNAs stored!! Then these “brand new creatures” go out of their control and the story became similar to the previous ones.

“Violence” is not the right term to define the dinosaurs attacks related scenes, although I saw blood and gruesome acts. An animal gets violent if teased or “disturbed” and that’s what often happened.

The message of the “Jurassic” saga is to pay attention to what you dream, especially if you deal with Nature.

Final rating: **** 4/5 stars

THE LEGO MOVIE Anime (2013)

As I was watching it, I felt I was again a 10 years old kid!!!

I spent hours in my childhood with my little friends with the Lego pieces; we loved building things with the Lego pieces and creating stories. It was part of everyone’s education in the past years: Instead of giving us a smartphone…

I was impressed by a couple of things in this anime, which I am going to resume here.

The story of the movie is similar to one of the many I had in my games back then: it’s trivial you have a wicked man who wants to take control on all and to restore there his power.

The last thing is that when the characters created their vehicles to escape, it seemed to me to see a human hand to make it (logically they speeded up the video sequence). In fact, the every end is a human meeting with the Lego characters, a sort of “Roger Rabbit” – style meeting: can you remember in that 1989 movie, where both humans and anime played together in the same movie.

I really enjoyed, I even had a tear rolling on my cheek when I saw the final scene above.

My score is: **** 4/5 stars: Great movie. Remember to leave your smartphones apart and play with Lego!!!

THE GIANTS’ HUNTER (2012) with Nicholas Hoult, Eleanor Tomlinson

It is a fantasy movie, whose story is based on the classic “King’s daughter saved by a man who becomes her Prince Charming” theme, but there isn’t the wicked witch, wicked Queen mother, either.

Human beings live in their kingdom on Earth, but centuries before, Earth was crowded by giants creatures, which were hostile against men and after a devastating war, the giants were now on exile in their world located up in the clouds.

The only way to get there is to reach it by a special kind of ivy, whose seeds are secretly kept by a group of monks. One day one of these monks knocks at the door for help to the young boy Jack, who gives the monk all his help: the monk decides to give him three of those special seeds, recommending him to not wet them. Accidentally, in a rainy day, the seeds fall off the ground of his house and out of Jack’s control. Rain penetrates into the wooden walls and floor of his house and get wet: the ivy takes shape, grows up taller and taller, wrapping up Jack’s house, who was in that moment with the King’s daughter. When the house arrives at the Giants’ kingdom, now up in the clouds, the giants kidnap her. So again, the human beings and the giants kick of another war, but the humans win over.

Amazing special effects and make up: the giant creatures recalled a little the Ulysses’ Cyclopes and were not so bad looking, after all.

There wasn’t much blood flowing and no obscene language was spoken.

The story recalls the one of the legendary horror movie “The Gremlins”, because of the effect of water on the seeds and of the “particular” look of a couple of giants appearing in few scenes after they sort of wake up by the ivy tree invading their land.

Lovely story: my rating is 4, 5/5, **** stars out of 5.

I’d recommend it to watch it with your children, as this is not a simple fairy tale to tell.

NICK TIME 1995 with Christopher Walken and Johnny Deep

This is a classic thriller movie I had the chance to enjoy few (lol!) years later its release.

There was suspense, action, cruelty, but no blood and spoken language: it was a scary story, but it did not upset me, since I am a sensitive viewer.

I knew the actor Walken from the 007 James Bond “A view to a kill”, shot in 1985  and he often played the role of “the wicked guy”: he didn’t disappoint me. His character was cold enough for the part.

The story wasn’t trivial at all, and to some extent realistic, given the current times.

My final score is: 4 stars out of 5 (****)

HELL RAIN (1998) with Morgan Freeman and Christian Slater

It deals with a crime and action movie.

A town in the US gets evacuated for strong floods coming, but a money van can’t hear the alert and is blocked on a street. The two policeman on the lorry wait for someone to rescue them, but they realize are isolated, when suddenly in front of them not so far from them they see a light of another big truck coming and approaching. They wrongly assume it is the rescuers, but they’re a gang of criminals who want to kill them and want the money inside their lorry.

One of the gang starts shooting and kills one of the policemen; the youngest manages to hide underwater, to bring with him the money and to hide it safe under a tomb in the cemetery.

Here the hunt of the gang to the policeman and to the money begins and …

Prior to say I love Morgan Freeman and that he’s one of the best to play dramatic criminal roles, I was in a trance for the story of the movie.

No special effects, no Hollywood mega-production: with a simple story I spent a couple of amazing hours.

My score is: 4,5 stars out of 5



Next update in October 2016.

DD TV xx


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