DD TV The F*ck it list – July 2016

You will find listed below and in no particular order, followed by a short, more or less hilarious comment, the things I think I just don’t love.

  1. Funny I don’t like going and having any type of medical exams, tests, like blood tests, pap tests, ultrasounds, … but I’m not afraid to go and ask my Rock doc for the prescription to book them.
  2. I wonder why some people laugh at my back on my disabilities: sick of wondering, though.
  3. I don’t like catching a cold in the mid-spring time.
  4. I feel bad at the fans who don’t like a whoever musician, go and attend his shows the same, as if they had to honor their presence, then home to complain: I’d tell them to stay home!
  5. I don’t like the hypocritical people: in front of you they claim one thing, when away they do the opposite. Nah…. !
  6. I don’t like the hoaxes made towards the elderly. The Police do warn people, but these criminals are smart.
  7. The moment when you are washing your teeth and you need to go get your bowels empty ….!
  8. I hate to pay dues when instead it should be up to my managers to …




DD TV xx


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