DD TV Glam Pop Party – July 2016

DD TV Glam Pop Party – DJ music


It’s within hours we’re going to say goodbye to July 2016.

It marks also the moment for our lists… !

The topic is “DJ music”: we are not going to make Dj sets, but we are going to put together names and musicians as to make real music sets or playlists, according to the “categories” below listed. In the end, we are going to make also some analytics on our DJ sets so far.

We tried, as always, to put few hilarious entries here and there: feel free to have a laugh, when you think it’s due.



Musicians we used to help us smile (with video clips or with their songs)

Weird Al Yankovic

Frank Zappa

Elio e le Storie Tese


Gorillaz (to some extent)

Eminem (sometimes, in particular on the early records)

The Kinks



There are a few other clips realized for hit singles realized on various days during the past years: we can’t mention them all, as we don’t want the list grow too long to read. We can add, as to specify, that these clips are original brand new clips, they aren’t parodies, or covers of those hit singles.



Musicians we love for writing poignant or thought-provoking lyrics



Bruce Springsteen


(the early) U2

David Bowie

Lucio Battisti

John Lennon

The Doors

Bob Marley

Elton John



Musicians who did catchy refrains on wise songs

Pink Floyd

George Michael

Pet Shop Boys



Donna Summer

Earth Wind & Fire



Analytics on our latest DJ sets:

We did more than 50 DJ sets so far

The most mentioned music acts:

1st rank: Duran Duran, Youth Kills, David Bowie

2nd rank: Toto – U2 – Van Halen – Elisa

3rd rank: Madonna, Pink Floyd, Queen

4th rank: Michael Jakcson




DD TV xx


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