Fans’ speculation, assuming, gossiping …

Speculating, assuming and gossiping on whatever in music fandom are pretty much consolidated things in fandom and I have realized they come together at no matter your age can be.

The cause of the all the three things above mentioned is a rumor or even a sort of “mid-announcement” by your music hero. It could be a news item just whispered, but suddenly out of the blue that often causes a commotion and reactions! My fan experience tells me that the reaction was/is and never will be of happiness, even those times when the rumor, or the whisper or the mid-announcement brings a positive thing.

We fans we have to psychologically absorb it. It’s like taking a pill. It’s a chemical thing. The new thing we hear implies a change in our mind habits, a change in our approach also onto our fellow fans.

Having said that, what were my reactions thru the years? When I was a teen I was naïve and believed in whatever I heard like legends, fairy tales and news items: I generally had a circle of fellow fans of my age, which were the “sources”, the “messengers”. They were mostly girls and we did believe. I can remember we were used to keep the learnt facts as a secret, but, looking back, without the internet it was not easy to share and to spread the news. And I remained the fan that I was: I might speculate, I might assume, but I don’t love gossiping around. The social media give you a great opportunity to learn and to share all what happens to your music heroes, for real or fake stories, but when you get aware you get it with dozens of guys you don’t know, so it’s no fun to speculate and to do gossip: I just don’t know who I am dealing with. My old habit to argue on the more or less official news of my favorite stars didn’t die: I still argue within my same strict circle of people above.

My heroes’ in their long time career threw in few elements that fueled speculation: especially on the occasion and during the reunion, on the occasion of a marriage, of anybody’s absence. Their best tool was posting all on their official website and then re-launching the message posted on their social. Of course, the social was the place for the obvious consequential shock. The “days after” speculation created permanent negative effects on the fandom: we are now divided into factions and we’re very often on a boiling point against each other. Our music heroes always try to calm things down with the only weapons they have: making new music and with it trying to reconnect to their fan base and to gain new fans when on the road.

I think speculation and gossip can finish only by making artists-fans communication deeper and less “formal”, which is not being interactive on the social platforms. The cyber interaction isn’t a human relationship and the young new music acts coming out now are aware of it. It does help to patch things up faster.

My generation might be the one suffering with the damage made by speculation, legends and rumors never confirmed in the years. We long-time fans have an awesome legacy in terms of music and legendary concerts, but we have a good package of speculation for that vacuum left.

I forgot to say that even blogs can hide “news” and “announcements” between the lines. … LOL!

DD TV xx


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