DD TV Glam Rock Party – August 2016



We wonder if the decision of releasing globally new studio records on Fridays would have a stronger impact in pop or in rock music in terms of sales. (!?).

Female musicians have sold more records than their male mates in the music industry, it is well known, but the male musicians’ albums make more noise, no matter it’s rock or pop music.

Rock musicians tend to do more improvisation on the stage than they pop music co-workers do. We noticed pop musicians try to reproduce their records when live, where rockers… just let it go and they have fun.

Rockers have in mind to make milestone songs, to make songs that can be remembered, pop musicians tend to do momentary things, to experiment, as in their mind the horizon is the one of a “… cycle of an album”.

You are wrong if you think rockers seem to be the most sensitive to the social issues and problems, but it is true they have the loudest voice to be heard.

Another loss in rock music: it deals with Prince, who passed away this past Thursday 22nd April . He influenced many rockers with his psychedelic, funk, soul and black music touch. He was only 57. He will be sadly missed.

We are crying for the sudden and premature loss of the Megadeth drummer Nick Menza, (52 years old), during a concert on late May 2016: we could appreciate his drumming on their “Rust in Peace” album, of which we posted the feedback on here not long ago. Rock in peace! 2016 is cruel for music fans…

We have been banned to leave comments and to like on the posts of a dedicated rock music Facebook website, named “Ultimate Classic Rock”, because we are also supporters of a certain long time English iconic pop band. The “Ultimate Classic Rock” guys are free to admit to their page whoever they feel to, as much as we are free to love all our fave music, but we are starting to think also of the level of reputation gained by pop stars in the eyes of rock fans…: food for thoughts.

Guitarists are an open book, they have an immense culture on music, on names: we’re in a state of awe whenever they speak of music.





This is their debut album and we were happy for having the opportunity to find it.

We knew the band: their name, Roger Daltrey, Pete Townshend, their rock opera “Tommy”… all things stuck in out head since our childhood. That means our parents did an amazing job to pass us along their music as legacy.

Let’s go and review the album, briefly.

We heard a strong influence on all the record of the Beatles – and it was just the Fab Four’s decade – we could hear Roger sounding like John Lennon, to some extent.

Blues and soul music is the second toll on the album. The two covers of James Brown was a reason for it.

Our fave tracks are the most famous singles taken from it and “The Ox”.



It was the most celebrated T-Rex album, as from the music fans of the 70’s and since the 70’s, this record is rated as the “beginner”, the pioneer for the so-called “glam rock” wave.

We expected angry lyrics, loud drums and guitars, but we couldn’t be more wrong: the first part is quite blues and the second part sound more rock, but light years away than the sounds of “conventional” rock music we know. The guitars style is anything brand new, anything different to the rest heard up to then; it is a pity the man passed away too soon and he couldn’t be for longer a “prophet” of that music.

Luckily his contemporaries used that music to continue where he left off.

Our favourite songs, apart from the famous “Get it on”; we loved “Jeepster”, “Life’s a gas” “Motivator”.


VAN HALEN – 1984 (1984)

Whoever was a teen in the 80’s and danced on “Jump” must know this band very well. At least this line-up, with a sexy, iconic and charismatic David Lee Roth and this album, the most successful of the band in that decade.

The cover album had an angel keeping a cigarette in his hand … which tells you all!

Guitars are mind-blowing: it’s hard rock, or hard-pop, depends on how you consider the important use of the synths on few tracks; there is a good energy, throughout all the record.

It is a little over-produced, you know the megalomania typically 80’s, but it sounds fresh, funny, positive. David Lee Roth, the then frontman and lead vocalist, was a roaring lion.

Our fave tracks: Drop dead legs, I’ll wait, Panama, House of pain.



This was a particular album, released in the 90’s. The only one he did without his long-time guitarist, Steve Stevens, but there is no difference, but maybe due to this, it was the first flop of the popular rocker.

The album is a concept one, totally inspired by the “cyberpunk” a new sci-fi topic, trendy at the time, which was the hint for a couple of movies. The lyrics are about that: Adam, shock to the system, Wasteland, tomorrow people.

There is a good cover of Velvet Underground “Heroin”.

Billy was very brave to realize a dire, serious record.

Although the heavy use of electronica, that’s Billy Idol’s trademark.

Our fave tracks are the hit singles and Adam in chains, Tomorrow People.





DD TV xx


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