DD TV Glam Pop Party – August 2016

August, the quietest month in our own year as it means vacation, (lol!),  is about to end and for the 8th time we are here to share our list.

We have prepared list on news in music: great, disappointing, … : all is regrouped in the below categories.

We tried, as always, to put few hilarious entries here and there: feel free to have a laugh, when you think it’s due.




Awesome Facts:

Tour and long-time hoped reunions: Guns and Roses, mostly.

The chance of being refunded if you didn’t like a live performance

Fan contests, fan competitions, VIP Packages



News to party on:

New albums on the horizons: Chic, Duran Duran George Michael, Metallica, Andy Taylor, Sting, The Rolling Stones

Prince’s residence “Paisley Park” to open in October to fans and public, like a Museum.

On a DD TV note: new columns to work on for next year, the new stage choreography, …

On a personal note: when my fave music hero retweets, or put a like on my FB/Twitter posts.



Interesting News: appealing, just to leave a smile on:

Tribute gigs to David Bowie and Prince,

The statues or the laminates located near the places where legendary gone rock lived Madonna celebrating her birthday in Cuba,

The charity gigs set up after the tragic facts with proceeds to victims of floods, earthquakes, volcano eruptions…

Seeing more stars and celebrities appreciating our country



News like … “OK, acknowledged”

The science news of discoveries of “similar planets to Earth”

Johnny Deep’s divorce


The name of our new Mayors (London, Milan)

This record got no. 1 in X country

All facts around the world which can change the content of one of our columns, like Fashion, our rock featurette “Glam Rock Party”, our disco/dj music blog “Dance Fllor Massacre”, new books releases that can impact our “Reader”, new movies that can influence our “Viewer”.


DD TV xx


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