DD TV Dance Floor Massacre – September 2016

Our argument every time is developed in the three different phases, whose names took inspiration from groove and whose content changes according to the mood of the discussion. The “forerunner” is like an introduction, the “tour de force” is the place hosting the hottest words, and the “slow dance” is the conclusion.





There were a few covers we recently heard that lead us to think about this new trend: the best example was Duran Duran’s 1982 mega hit  Save a Prayer covered by DJ Thomas Gandey featuring the original guitarist Andy Taylor. We are not going to rage on with the exhausting “three guitarists story”, ‘coz it’s not the blog to do it. We are focusing on the DJ’s new job. Thank you DJ Gandey and guitarist Andy Taylor for the hint!



The advantages and the opportunities for the both DJ and musicians are various: they both would gain more publicity, popularity from critics and their audience, at least in the first days, after the announcement of their collaboration. The fans’ reaction is always fun to see, because their response is immediate, but it’s not for granted they accept it. The DJ’s and the other musicians’ names involved, to the fans, come first than the music quality of their collaboration. Rarely, in the recent recording “duets and collaborations” of this type, we have seen things go smoothly.

It’s usually the DJ who has the hint, the idea to make the cover and to search for the original performer. For us long-time fans it’s great to find fans within fields who weren’t exactly the same as ours and we are proud our own music hero is the one chosen to realize that cover. We do not have anything against the DJ’s challenge.

The challenge is more than one: the DJ has to persuade the original performer to be in, the DJ should convince the original performer the piece he’s working on is musically awesome… so much awesome to convince the original performer’s fans later, too!! Both DJ and the original performer have to be awesome to persuade the any record label to release their song on the market. Did you count the challenges above?

Oh, the final thing named is the market. Seen the two people involved are working on a classic, the covers mostly do not have problems in charting, in selling. The “market” isn’t made of us long-time fans only: you have the music buyers who come from the younger generation; you have the DJ’s audience from his dance clubs and you have the long-time fans’ who are proud  for having their own “music hero and hit” out again; all of these factors can fuel a global attention and few people should grin and grumble.

The positive effects exist and commercially they could last for a good while.

We don’t think there could be other collaborations, though: we have seen that the covers are “one-hit wonders”, because basically the two musicians involved come from too different worlds. Hey, this is not to discourage anyone to make these collaborations in the future, but it’s impossible to see two similar personalities working for a long time in the studio!!



We love this new trend, otherwise we wouldn’t have made a blog about it.

We admire the DJs and we are grateful they love the music of our generation.



This is another “ironic” DJ set, that is we picked up few songs whose titles can ironically match with these key words are: slit-up, songs, success.



Duran Duran – Tricked out

Andy Taylor – Enemy

Youth Kills – The time is now

Indeep – Last night a DJ saved my life

Chic – Dance, dance, dance

Boy George – Sold

David Bowie – Fame

Joy Division – Love will tear us apart

Howard Jones – No one is to blame

Iron Maiden – Brave new world






DD TV  xxx


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