DD TV The Reader – September 2016

I’VE READ Life by Keith Richards

It is a deep, poignant at times, often hilarious and overall honest tale of the facts and happenings of the guitarist of the legendary blues-rock group The Rolling Stones, from his childhood up to 2006.

I can remember that it was first released on the media it was advertised, like a new studio album of the band: it was funny to hear the passages that radio DJs or music ‘zines and newspapers picked up to promote it. And wonder what the author thought of that advertising??

Sex, drugs and rock and roll: Keith lived and survived to these days to all of these three things. The long time rock stars share of these three things. I was impressed by the obscene language spoken, but the language often helps you to laugh and to make that fact read a little “lighter”. Best example: his battle against drugs abuse.

The most interesting part was all descriptions of the making of, the behind-the-scenes of the band’s songs. The funny things, I think they’re funny because terrific sources for gossip and food for thoughts, to me are the tales of his love stories, the truth on the groupies of the 70s’, his definite truth on the many legends about him and the rivalry with the Beatles, about his arrest and trials over drugs.

The most boring part I found was the childhood: I found it boring in every other musician’s bio I read so far, but it helps you to understand what type of person and of public figure the protagonist would eventually become.


The Handbook against tricks and hoaxes – The crew of the TV show Striscia la Notizia

It’s just not a novel, not a science book: it’s a well done and well packaged handbook or “user’s guide” to help you orienting and go thru, if you’re one of the victims, in the Italy, of, alas, craftiness and immorality.

The tools given are practical words of advice on how to do, where to go, who to call in case it happens to you to be mocked, robbed.

I’m impressed by the high number of cases in the most variegated fields of our everyday life: health (fake doctors, healers and fake dentists), TV sales (of fake jewels, fake medicines and cosmetics), “smart” gas stations.

The worst testimonies of swindles are the ones operated to the old people, because they are the weakest ones and, so, the easiest ones to hurt.


Oscar Wilde – 366 aphorisms

Laurence Gardner – The mystery of the Ark of the Covenant


Next update in January 2017


DD TV xx


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