DD TV Glam pop party – September 2016


When your music heroes end up one of their world tours, you have in mind lots of thoughts; your hearts has to tolerate thrills and a mix of feelings. We have tried to resume and regroup our own feelings, views and thoughts with the followings lists.

We tried, as always, to put few hilarious entries here and there: feel free to have a laugh, when you think it’s due.




Short concerts and they played the same songs

Long concerts but no surprises

The lead singer is used to make more or less interesting speeches in between the live numbers. We have fun figuring out if they’re improvised or prepared.

No set list: brilliant idea if ALL were improvised, arrangements or just songs.

Set lists should be kept secret and no more posted on the social media, or websites.

Guests on the stage? Yes, please: friends and collaborators. In particular we get moved when they invite their longtime friends.

The longtime artists’ early concerts are amazing, because they play all of their footage, whereas in the following years, few entire albums might be forgotten!

We’d suggest an app to send directly the performers the songs we’d like to hear.

Don0t think the songs off the set lists are picked up by the artists, freely: there is sometimes a small part of them they have to perform  for friends and family.



It is great to see our artists wearing items we can find in the merchandise, offered on the official websites: that’s a boost in the sales! And it’s the pay off to us fans

The design of the tour clothes is a brave choice: and why do artists wear the same items for all the tour?

Artists wearing items created and designed by us fans: a dream, because artists choose the big names

The sports shoes! Funny to see our guys live, wearing comfortable…

The clothing and the accessories (shoes, glasses, gloves, hats) worn in the major successful world tours are usually auctioned: just saying.




To follow what we were mostly impressed off during this summer concerts:

The lights,

The video projections

The stage shape

The backing vocalists making a dance set during almost every number

The fans still throwing things, like peluche pets, pants, cards to their fave artists or band members: the fans’ craze that can’t miss!

The fans have fun creating handwritten items, to show the artists in the venues. Some awesome of them, in the past, reportedly moved their artist! Just saying.




The ticket prices are still too high and we think it’s good only for certain live events, like festivals- because you can enjoy more artists – or a very prestigious, unique event

We don0t like the resale websites and few musicians are taking measures as a deterrent to try discourage the spreading of this habit.

More contests and fan competitions to get the tickets

The idea of giving the album away with the ticket and the album price included in the concert price is a good idea only for the business: we fans we already have one or more copies of the record.

A good price ticket for us, should include: a decent audio quality in the venue, the artists to arrive and to start on time, security everywhere, heat device or air conditioning device working inside the venue, a cleaned venue.

We would like to be a part in the process of pricing a concert ticket, because we feel we are influencing the success of the shows.

High ticket prices : by the way of inflation rate …. Kidding… !





DD TV xx


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