Talent shows aren’t killing music …

REALITY SHOWS –  Talent shows aren’t killing music

Talent shows aren’t killing music, as someone around is hastening to say spreading this way panic, only. I think there is awareness now on the nature of the show and that’s why the guys who aspire to be music stars now run their own business thru alternative ways, by themselves. Thanks God promoting new music is again a growing industry, it is an again a fresh field. The young guys only have to rake care to the hoaxes and to the lures on the social media.

The celebrities who go and attend the music shows as judges/coaches make a difference: today it is quite rewarding for the guys to hear feedback from real musicians. The A&R men of the labels are accountants, lawyers and managers, who do not offer the same level of trust and warmth as the music stars can give. The stars’ presence is a huge stimulus and encouragement.

If celebrities can’t go, they sometimes leave a positive “sign” on the pages they like and that sign is as much rewarding as their presence on TV. Personally I’d rather have my heroes to leave a sign on my Page: the sign would come as a total surprise, whereas at a show, I’m aware they’re there and I have to get ready for a perfect performance in front of them, which can cause in me stress, anxiety….

Having your site, your You Tube channels, your social account on the Internet I now the new tool that you can use to drive your music towards the audience: it’s like being a road artist, who is on his place of pavement and on that small surface he manages his future, day by day. If a celebrity happens to stop by, my popularity would grow, but I have to make that gift a lesson, to make name last for longer.

I said, and I agreed with the ones who said it, that talent shows “kill” music: it kills music only during the talent shows, because the winning artists go out with the vision and the taste of the coaches. The people who are against these TV shows clearly they spoke using biased words, because I found out they were managers of TV shows competing to the ones working behind those Talent shows.

If talent shows aren’t killing music industry, what are the real chances/benefit to the long time recording performers? Well, thanks to the social media, they might get in touch and might decide to do collaborations with any new one they get fascinated by. The breakthrough acts have these new platforms to promote themselves and they have the right and the hope to be called. The years where the new comers have to perform in the “right clubs” that the “right” music producers attended are behind. It is amazing musicians off the “old school” and the “the new generation” can meet. Today it all goes beyond the autograph….

So, in the end, what are the chances/benefit to the whole music industry: the young promising artists are now self-learned, wiser and smarter artists than ever: if the music bosses trusted on this new “qualities” they’d have more artists to feed and to promote on. The today A&R men have to be optimistic and positive. They should change their perspective on the web and to stop a little using the Talent shows as only exclusive tool to recruit artists.

I think I’ll do my best to use the new channels on the social media to hear new music: radio stations and music TV channels should do an effort on my same direction, as well.


DD TV xx


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