DD TV – The Viewer October 2016

Aside the only official Oscar’s ceremony held in LA every year, this is the place where we post our feedback on the most impressive movies we have watched in these past few months.

We use the following “rough” method for the rating.

*** (3 stars) good movie, but not excellent

**** (4 stars) great

***** (5 stars) don’t miss it, highly recommended

YOUNG  VICTORIA with Emily blunt (USA 2009)

It is a history film, this time not taken from the holy Bible: it deals with the life of the British Queen Victoria who reigned in the UK from 1937 to 1901.

Although it was a history movie and all real facts were respected, it was entertaining, it was no bore. Great that it was an American product, but it wasn’t a colossal mega-production that you can expect when the topic is an important character of the past. It seemed anything close to a theatre pièce than to a cinema movie.

In the specific, here Victoria is portrayed as a late aristocratic teen, when she was about to become “Queen”, so you can see also the members as kids off the Royal family ; you can see the plans, the undercovers, the dealings and tall the “behind the scenes” of her choice to become queen.

No obscene language spoken, no blood or violence, no computer graphics or special effects, as all took place in the 19th century.

It was an enjoyable movie and it made me reflect of on the importance and of the influence on life and culture that even certain recent UK monarchs had and still have: the Victorian style, the Georgian style …

My rating: 4,5/5 stars

Review of “TRANSFORMERS 4”

It was like turning back time, when I was a kid watching my fave Japanese manga: “Goldrake”, Jeeg Robot”, Mazinger”, “Daitan III”: the only difference is that it is a movie and the robots are able to change their shapes and are more interactive with humans.

The story is not and can’t be very original, as this movie is a new chapter of a saga: you know the factors, the characters, the liaisons between them.

The message of this action movie, like the rest of the chapters so far,  “good” versus “evil” is of course again very strong and “good” prevails. The message of my manga survived.

I was a bit struck by the obscene language spoken here and there: the word ”f*ck” is very often spoken, but, I have to admit, few movies still bear the censorship over this term; the obscene words I heard spoken did not upset me and I wasn’t surprised, just struck. The previous chapters starring actor Shia LeBoeuf, maybe because his character had to be “shy” spoken a “cleaned” language”; this time the brand new character needed to speak also a brand new shy. The robots  instead do not speak … such “human” language!

The special effects, the graphic computer technique made the movie amazing: All details thanks to the computer contributions were funny and, overall, perfect.

Blood, violence just in very few scenes, because, I think, the saga is based on a robot-to-robot war.

My final rating is 5/5. Recommended to kids and to adults.

REVENGE with Kevin Costner and Antony Quinn

This is a classic movie, which is aired on summer, when the TV schedule is used to be poor. In fact, I had never seen this movie before, but always heard of it, from friends and family.

It deals with the love affair a veteran of the Vietnam conflict – Kevin Costner – had with the wife of his best friend (Antony Quinn): only Kevin’s character (Jay) doesn’t know his friend is a local powerful Mafia boss. So when the boss finds the two lovers naked, in bed, he badly reacts: Jay (Kevin C.) is beaten, up to death. The girl is sent to work in a local licensed brothel. To finish, the boss sets their flat on fire.

Jay is found in agony in the desert, near the house where the fight took place, and he will be saved death from a local shaman . As soon as he recovers, he forms a group of of gunmen, fighters, who help him find where his now ex-friend lives and to do revenge. He finds his mistress in a church, doped out and she dies in his arms.

I loved the story of the movie, because whenever it deals with “extra-marriage”, so to speak, love affairs, one night stands, it is food for thoughts. It isn’t maybe too original, but the mood is strong and terms are explicit. I am not going to share my thoughts on love, but I’m going to share my feedback on the movie.…

There are blood and violence, but not so much obscene language.

It sometimes reminded of a Western movie.

STEVE JOBS with Ashton Kutcher

The inventor of the “IMac” computer and co-founder of “Apple” did write his memoir and said he did it for daughter.

This is the cinematic Hollywood version, with a young actor who, in my opinion, could fit in the part and could do awesomely his job.

All I can say on the story is that he was one of the weirdest and oddest people I have ever seen.

The tale of his first years as a young man who met Wozniak and has the very first inspiration is amazing.: the childhood/early days part on the bio-books of the other stars I read, they were boring to me, whereas the same part of life in this movie was my fave one: go figure out!….

Nothing was a really boring in the life of this “wild man”, because he really was a charismatic revolutionary ….

Rock in peace.

THE DANISH GIRL – 2015 with Eddie Redmayne and Alicia Vikander

It is one of the best movies shot in the course of the past year (2015-2016) and it was aired on TV without going on Sky channel (because the airing on pay TV channels is the process for every brand new movie … in Italy, at least!).

The story is very simple, but it is a terrific source of food for thoughts, (but I am supposed to be a movie critic, only). We are in Copenhagen in the 1920s and a woman painter suggests, for a prank, her husband to wear for a few minutes female clothing for a picture she has in mind to draw and he accepts, as something funny to do. The wife then, invites him to go to a party and to put on again female clothes, made up like a woman but he looks less embarrassed. Other occasions in which she suggests him to try female things will follow and she discovers he feels fine with it.  When he admits and confesses her he prefers men to women her feelings towards him do change. We’re in the 1920s, he becomes the first transgender in history, he loses his wife and he passes an ordeal thanks to the discrimination, his inside awareness.

No obscene language is spoken, there are of course sex scenes, but what you see is chaste.

The best actor, he or her, or “he then she”? The Oscar was eventually given to the actress who played the wife’s role, but in my opinion, it’s the man to be is the best, because he was the one in the story on the spotlight the longest and for me, never made a mistake.

Great movie, but I’d not recommended to children.


No one of the DD TV crew had the chance to see this gem at the cinema, as it was given only for a short period of time and our schedule didn0t allow us to.

We couldn’t help ourselves but keeping a special room reserved here for the legendary band and this documentary, which shows the Fab Four on tour.

We’d recommend watching it to the younger generations and to the guys who are used to try flying at the Reality shows.

We… will buy the DVD, when it gets out!!


Next update in February 2017.

DD TV xx


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