Questions on fans on social media, on stars and fame


I have seen recently facts around the above topics that led me to think a lot and I decided to share them on this blog.

Fans on the social media: I share my love for few rock stars with the peeps I am used to chat on the message boards. I love that some of my posts have been appreciated  and received a good number of “likes”. What I could never expect was the growing number of friend requests to me. More specifically, my question is: if our fave musicians announced tomorrow they’re retiring, would all those newly acquired “friends” disappear? What would I do?

Celebrity and sexism. Mister Trump during this campaign is becoming embarrassing over his vulgar quotes over women and in particular over the one in which he stated “popularity allows you to do it”. Come on, I’d be ridiculous if I denied rock industry is the same or even worse than Mister Trump’s world. My question is: why do they keep posting and sharing the social media their new female acquaintances? What benefit do they think they can gain with this measure?

Why is sexism so felt today? I guess it is the result of the struggling of the women libs of the past years and social media do amplify the rude quotes circulating. Women aren’t any worse or any better than men; I don’t think that while struggling to obtain more dignity, women libs had a rough approach on men, I just think “time was a healer”, but my doubt is that any of us used the “wrong” attitude and sexists words are now out of spite.

Stars and fame. I am watching the Big Brother celebrity, the first edition in my country and never thought it could be so appealing in terms of gossip. The controversy around one of the competitor saying rude and vulgar words over femicides and gays did shake the Italian public opinion. My question is: would one try really anything to be popular again, famous again?

The music and cinema heroes’ moon landing… and the moment of their disillusion? As a longtime music fan, I did enjoy reading few memoirs of my music heroes, Nile Rodgers, Andy Taylor, John Taylor, Keith Richards … and I think more might come in the future (Duke Ellington, by the way!). All of their tales of how they first approached to music, the moment they get aware of music were one of my fave parts of their books. Now I wonder: when did they get disillusioned on their job, on their environment? How does it feel when the artist “realizes”, “opens his eyes” to find out the back ground? How would they tell it?

Celebrating our own Page. They say it is wise to have doubts on ourselves. So, I sometimes have doubts on the FB Page and the related project I co-run with other five awesome and talented young guys, longtime music fans as I am. I see other fans sharing their own links of blogs accounts on their profiles, so why am I so shy to not imitate them? I think it’s because I’d rather keep up the job: I think the most important thing is to keep the direction right, is to keep valid our original goal we had when we first started. We have fun and we are aware music has many aspects. Doubts are legitimate and human and according to the quote, they are also a wise thing.

I want to wrap this blog up by saying that finding questions and showing myself perplexed over the few things above was an introspective journey I really enjoyed.



DD TV xx


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