DD TV -Being a rock star’s wife: where is rock, where is love, where are the stars?


This is the last chapter of the saga that I wrote on my adventures with love, with rock and with the rock stars and I tried to use a bit of sarcasm, a bit of wisdom.

I am not happy whenever I have to finish blogging on a whatever topic, but I think I enough largely spoke about this one: I posted my thoughts, my opinions, my views, but I’m a music fan, who isn’t (mostly proudly) married to any rock star. I say so, because I’d better stop sharing these ideas, as I do not want to just not hurt anyone: the other music fans, rock stars and their partners.

It is with the above introductory lines that I am sharing my views on the most natural proper end for a blog dedicated to such subject, the split up.


I do not think it would be me to ask to get separated, to ask to break it all: I’m a loyal one for nature (ask my friends): I am not able to do it. Apart from I am a hot music fan, but it’s not exactly like saying goodbye to a human “old juke-box playing my fave songs after a long time”!!! Since when I was kid and I fantasized on long term solid relationship with musicians, I could never then and can’t right now see those relationships end.


Of course, the announcements of splits- up, breaks, separations and divorces, thru press releases and thru their big lawyers are never truthful, so, as many of you, I could speculate and could sort of build up my idea on why musicians love saying it is over. I think now rock stars love being with their partners, because she is a good supporter, because she can be a friend” and when they’re sick of their regular support they break it! Keep in mind rock stars do travel a lot, they attend parties where they can meet new people every day; beyond the parties, music Awards shows and galas, or exhibits, rock stars’ lifestyle is just pressure and both the partners have to share and to cope with, both of them have to fit in with. And joining the partner’s ride is a choice of each of them.


I often hear that the presence of a mistress or of a lover is one of the causes of the break up: I can say on this front that jealousy is admitted on both sides, unless it grows like an obsession! If he found a mistress, it means he wasn0t happy with me, so I’d start to have doubts on myself, I’d see shadows on my self-esteem and I’d try to change my approach in order to try to have him back: his mistress would probably be the key to detect my mistakes. If I found another one to replace him…. ? No way from me to do it, because I said above I’m a loyal one. I know it’s hard to resist from temptation, in particular in the recording industry, where it seems, all that glitters is gold, but, again, I’d be wrong in starting another love story, which, like the one I’m supposed to leave, I do not know can take me. I’m ground headed, loyal type of a person. Plotting behind my partner is not my forte.


I love hoping that at the end of the ride, their kids would raise the hell out to get their parents back together, if the kids had that power. Kids are the first victims – maybe the only ones – and pay all mistakes made by their parents. I do not mean they have to plan a painful, violent revenge against their parents, after separating, but I hope they … pump up the volume of their voices, when speak! Money and legacy are the usual responses they have back, but do not deserve that at all.


I mentioned that recording industry is the place where all that glitters is gold: that’s my point of view today and I assumed it when I learnt of the groupies and of the current groupies 2.0. If money is your main attraction … you are welcome, but keep in mind money is the ruin of many families; money has a negative influence sometimes on friendship, too. Money is very often like the sugar given together with the medical product to heal the pain, when anyone in the family is hurt. Money after the divorce? I have no problems at admitting that it wouldn’t make me happy, but it would help me to economically survive. Where is all the love I gave him, I wonder?


It is ridiculous when they state “we’re going to be friends for our kids”: this statement is too frequent pronounced. Let me say once again, children must left be out of their parents’ sorrow. I wish the two parts could find a way to be always friends, for them! Their friends should be like good mediators to restore the broken ties. Time should be a healer. The former couple has to look inside, look back and look around.

When their kids have grown older, their separated parents should look at them with a wiser eye and hopefully they could understand their split up was wrong and could leave grudge apart, in order to restore part of their family ties.

DD TV xx


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