DD TV F*ck it list – November 2016

You will find listed below, in no particular order and with a short, more or less hilarious comment, the things I think I just don’t love.

  1. I love getting rid-off of the unnecessary people sticking around me, especially at work: the loafers, the “haters”, the complaining guys.
  2. I stopped liking my former young Manager: she wasn’t really a good one. She is an awesome lawyer, but she didn’t have any skill in problem solving
  3. I don’t like admitting I have started to suffer with cervical inflammation: awful!
  4. I don’t like hearing people complaining, moaning…
  5. I feel compassion for all those lonely unlucky young widows and divorcees who play with me the “Cupid”, as they try to address me to date with other single young men. The finest moment to me is when they immediately find out I’m not single and when they blush while presenting their apologies! These lonely Cupid girls are still alone, right now, by the way, as I know …
  6. I can’t figure out why female rock fans are still victims of bullies and cyberbullies. Wake up men: female emancipation is finished!


DD TV xx


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