DD TV The Screamer – November 2016



The “Best Vocal albums” category at the Grammy Awards actually is the former “Best contemporary Album” Award category: since 2001. For, these winning records and artists don’t share much with voice, vocals, and vocalists.

According to the description the Award is presented to the album containing at least 51% of newly record pop vocal tracks”, which is confusing.

Actually the instrumental albums aren’t right for this Award.

From the timeline of the category, we can read big names, who sold millions of records for the quality of their music, for the level of the art on the record. Names that range from the legends to the winners of Talent Shows.

At this point, we don’t feel disappointed that vocalists do not have their own category in such an important Awards thing; we are just concerned on the way music is rated by the recording industry.

We feel there is a reason why for the existence of this ambiguous category: maybe are they economic, financial motivations to satisfy the record labels ….?

The Grammy Awards are maybe the most credible source of honours, so if there is no room for the vocalists, why keeping this? We don’t think the best way to pay homage to vocalists is the “Best Spoken Word” album, given since 1959: is it an Award to the voice of the performers?

We feel relieved that in other Awards shows the good vocalists have their room, because we think the vocal talent is an innate instrument and it should be recognized.

Music really is like beauty, which …” is in the eye of the beholder”.




The new edition should be back next spring, but the rest of the details still have to come in.

So far, we haven’t seen much success from the winners of this Talent Show, as it has been often under pressure from “X Factor”, the other big Talent Show.

Judges and Coaches were relevant, but we think the ones of the early editions left the best signs, when those editions coincided with the top viewers’/fans’ curiosity.

We wouldn’t miss the broadcast of this show if next spring weren’t be scheduled for airing.

We regret for the young talented people, who are trying all the ways to be noticed.


X FACTOR 2016-17

The only confirmed coach/judge is Fedez, the young rapper from Milan, who two years ago made one of his guys win, singer Lorenzo Fragola. The other coaches are a comeback artist, the Italian performer Arisa, the frontman of the long-time Italian rock band Afterhours Manuel Agnelli and the Spanish singer Alvaro Soler.

The first auditions started in June, but the show will be televised from September on.

The debut was great: we were amazed for seeing at least a couple of really talented young guys: we loved a band featuring both a rapper and a lead vocalist and they played free-style-pop music. We appreciated a very young female vocalist, who reminded us the future star Francesca Michielin.

We often saw judges getting moved by few performances: tears for business, or real emotional reaction?

The newly formed and finalist band Jarvis raised a controversy over the contract with Sony and they gave up participating to the finals: they rejected a contract, which offered the publishing of 5 albums in every 18 months. On one side, we think it was a very good opportunity, on the other the guys gave up because terrified by the pressure the record company might have put on, or maybe they feared the creative blocks” that any songwriter might suffer during his career. So, we think they’re not totally to blame.

We support for Manuel Agnelli’s team.

The finale is scheduled on December 10th



DD TV xx


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