DD TV Glam Pop Party – November 2016

Satire, open with care!

We are saying goodbye to November 2016.

This month is coming to an end and on our blog it is time for lists…

We  realized we didn’t touch satire for some time and so we thought it would be good to share some lines of personal silly stories and of all silly things being said while at work  that make us laugh.

We tried to, of course, yo explain the context of the below situations, so feel free to have a laugh when you think it is due.





Unbeknown to the rest of the “victims” we are used to call each other with nicknames, which are conceived because a character of our face, hair-style, or approach is more relevant than others.

Some of the people below were/are aware of their nickname” and they laugh

God bless to the people, who invent and stick other people with other names,because hearing them is hilarious!


The teacher: because she resembles  a teacher who was murdered by her fiancé

Caparezza: because her hair style recalls the one of Italian singer

Velma off “Scooby-Doo”, because she reminds the character of the Hanna and Barbera manga

French President Hollande, because this guy just resembles the French President

Tiny Monica, because our peep Monica is thin and tiny.

Morgana, because she resembles the performer of “Pulcino Pio” a 2015 baby-dance hit for kids.

The missing dove: the guy came and knocked to our door after long time from a party, asking us for the leftovers of, in particular of a sweet dove-shaped.

In the past we had:

The long one, because he was tall

Warren, but his name was George and we often forgot it

Tiny Louis, he was “Tiny Monica” ’s uncle, and he was thin and tiny, as well

Perfumed breath, because his breath did smell of smoke


The quotes and the paradoxes

Permanent but wandering occupancy

“no obligation to pay anything”, but the day after WordPress.com send us the price list for the account of this blog: amazing!

A Manager who gives problems and doesn’t give solutions is usually the one who wants to keep her ruling seat safe.



One day we dreamt of all of us wearing a robe and waiting for the Mayor telling us which bureau we had to go work to. We even had a piece of luggage with us.



DD TV xx



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