DD TV -How could it be the final encore?


This is the first post of a new blog series: I am actually going to write about what might have determined the splits up or the premature early ends, or even the drastic change of the careers of various music acts (music icons of my teenage, or musicians I’ve loved in the 90’s). The first portion is a short recap of the music act’s career; the following passage is my memories of the performers, of what I was thinking of them at the time and my then vision on the end of their career; the ending part is my tentative to find and answer to the basic main question of this blog series: did I have then the signs, or the clues of the break/stop … ?

Going to start with Ultravox.

According to the sources of the time, the career of the career of the band can be divided in two 1974 – 79 featuring lead vocalist John Foxx and 79- 88 featuring lead vocalist Midge Ure:  the main reason for the first break was the intention of John Foxx to try to fly solo and it wasn’t an amicable separation, apparently. It happened the same with Midge Ure in 1988.

In 2008 the reunion of three members of the band featuring the members of the 1979-1988 incarnation is announced on their website, they embarked on a short tour and released a new studio album “Brilliant” and, after 28 years, the album: “Lament”.


I can remember I loved the song “Dancing with tears with my eyes”, the Midge Ure’s solo “If I was” which had an awesome video clip and finally I can remember Band Aid, again with Midge Ure alone. I could enjoy the performance of the reunited Ultravox performed at Live Aid, in London. I was 10 years old, I was still buying vinyl records (singles, mainly), I was living the “cross-over generation” time, as I was leaving the cartoons manga icons and going into deeper with musicians: at that age you just enjoy all you can listen and whoever can perform it, so if there were rows and tensions in Ultravox, I could not see it.


The reunited and reformed band years later, in 2008 released an album whose announcement took everyone a little by surprise. Midge Ure is my most respected band member and I think he had more opportunities than the rest to fly solo and to appear in other circumstances as artist, in the years. With hindsight , the Midge Ure’s solo record had to be a clue to me of the tensions inside the band. I learnt to take the “long time hiatus” as necessary pauses that artists need to “recover” from a stellar stardom, which often kills. The hardest thing is to keep a good liaison with the former members, who have to accept again to end up under the spotlight, after years away. In Ultravox case, wisdom prevailed and the friction sounded to have gone. They have more civilized fans and 2.0 technology in the recording studios, both on their side: if their intention to carry on and to make music in 2008 was real, I think the band should win the challenge of time.


DD TV xx


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