DD TV Glam Rock Party – December 2016



You are wrong if you think rockers seem to be the least sensitive to the social issues and problems: it is true they have the loudest voice to be heard.

Another loss in rock music: it deals with Prince, who passed away this past Thursday 22nd April . He influenced many rockers with his psychedelic, funk, soul and black music touch. He was only 57. He will be sadly missed.

We are crying for the sudden and premature loss of the Megadeth drummer Nick Menza, (52 years old), during a concert on late May 2016: we could appreciate his drumming on their “Rust in Peace” album, of which we posted the feedback on here not long ago. Rock in peace! 2016 is cruel for music fans…

We have been banned to leave comments and to like on the posts of a dedicated rock music Facebook website, named “Ultimate Classic Rock”, because we are also supporters of a certain long time English iconic pop band. The “Ultimate Classic Rock” guys are free to admit to their page whoever they feel to, as much as we are free to love all our fave music, but we are starting to think also of the level of reputation gained by the pop stars in the eyes of the rock fans…: food for thoughts.

Guitarists are an open book, they have an immense culture on music, on names: we’re in a state of awe whenever they speak of music.

By the way of prog – rock, jazz rock music: we can say we are amazed of hearing such musicality on studio albums. We guess rock tends to be “exclusive”, whereas pop is more open to inclusions, influences and contaminations from other genres.

We noticed from the fans’ feedback we hear and we read on the various blogs that the rock covers of originally pop hits are usually able to give “new life” to those hits… and we agree with them!

We are long time rock music fans and this question came out one day: is it necessary tp scream and to make a “rock” voice (à la Bryan Adams, à la Rod Stewart) to sound recognizable?


It is a breakthrough act, formed in the States, Las Vegas, in the 2010s, but musically this multi-Grammy Awards winning album (well-deserved, in our opinion) features some “moments in rock”: it is Brit – rock of the 80’s, the heavily-influenced-by-synths one: it musically and stylistically recalls Queen of the 80’s, David Bowie in the 80’s….

We say goodbye to Greg Lake off the prog-rock trio “Emerson, Lake and Palmer”, “Lucky man” is their most famous hit. The surviving band member Carl Palmer did a moving tribute to him. Rock in peace. 2016 is cruel to music fans.




YES “RELAYER” – 1974

It was one of the milestone progressive rock albums released in the early 70’s by the pioneer band.

This one we had the chance to listen to was the deluxe version out in 2003, which featured the original singles and the related edited version.

The length of the songs is impressive and you have to admire that each and every band member was so inspired to keep the song playing for that while!

The musicality is another amazing point of this record: it is mostly instrumental, but lead vocalist Jon Anderson does sing few pieces. They had fewer instruments and less hi-fi tech in the studio than the one you can have today, but the album is so rich, it is like a lush jungle of sounds.

Bow to the band!

Our fave song is: The Gates of delirium.


THE CULT – LOVE (1985)

One of the soldest rock albums of the 80’s.

One of the milestone and most influential albums to these days.

Having said that there is lack of the “party mood” typical of those years and the often thought-provoking lyrics made the guys so wise for their age.

The album marked the peak of their career, commercially speaking, but the line-up is still on the road and the front man, Ian Asbury, is still very much on demand to appear as vocal guest on other records. Chapeau!

Our fave tracks, apart from the three hit singles are: Nirvana,



It deals with the posthumous album of the missed legendary guitarist, released in 2013.

The 10 tracks are the result of demos Hendrix and his band were writing and recording for his second album, which was due to release, but the artist passed away prematurely.

It is purely rock and blues, it is just “Hendrix”!

The guitar riffs are memorable: if Electric Ladyland is the milestone for every old and new guitarist worship, this second album is beyond. It confirms Hendrix’s greatness, if needed.

Our fave tracks are: Hear my train a-coming, Somewhere, Let me move you.

Rock in peace Jimi.




DD TV xx


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