DDTV Music Awards 2016

Another year in music flew by and every end of the year means for us the Music Awards, with which we celebrate the fans’ (Non Duranies and Duranies) favorite music, artists, facts and people.

This is a resume of what happened during the Show: this was made unbeknown to the news from Berlin. When we finished our mood was different.

The real new thing we tried this year, in respect of the original nature of DD TV (a project that was designed to be the first virtual Music Awards on Second Life) was the performance of our opening song , The Power Station’s 1985 hit “Communication”, with Robert Palmer’s and Tony Thompson’s holograms.  The virtual band” was formed by two of us playing guitars and bass played the music on a little stage on the left of the screen with their holograms . The funny thing at the rehearsals was how to approach to the holograms, because you can’t see them if you stand by their side: the computer guys and the viewer only are able to see this special effect, so we did a sign on the floor to mark where they were: that sign on the floor was where we had to stand and nearby it the whole band was.  Well it was the “nearby” the thing to understand: frustrating at times, but it was an amazing experience!! We even had to care on how we moved, otherwise you “touched” the hologram.

We know few other “real” artists do perform on the stage with holograms of other absent co-workers, so this year we wanted to try it. It was a moving tribute to the “absent ones” (JT and Andy, too)! There are awesome skilled companies we found on the internet that offered us their help.

It was then announced a tribute to the rock stars e passed away in 2016 with a footage aired on the screen on the left on the “Wild Boys” mouth door.

The show started, the “Wild Boys” mouth door opened and the first presenter came out announcing the beginning of the Awards show.

We started with the General Portion categories.

Best Song Award was the category that kicked it off, then the others to follow in the same order you have seen on our Facebook page.

The was a funny, panic moment … (ahem.. ) when we announced the winner of the Best Italian Album Award: the title of the record was wrong, as it referred to a 2013 release, so behind the scene, they managed to correct it and to digitalize it on the screen on time… ! The beauty of the 2.0 screen editing (ahem … !)

There was a touching moment during the announcement of the nominees in the Best Concert Award and in the Artist/Fact/Person of the Year Award: one of the nominees was the performance the St. Peterborough held at Palmyra, Syria. A moment of silence was the best way to express it all.

As of the Duran Portion, which is used to be the most eagerly awaited part of the Awards show from the viewers, also this year our enthusiasm conveyed in.

There was no surprise on almost categories, in particular on the winners of the B Side Award (Secret October) and Best B-Side Project Award (Arcadia), the Tour Award instead, went unexpectedly to a 1987 tour: apart from the Paper Gods tour, we found it amazing  that the Strange Behavior tour was the most voted one, after such long time. Notorious was the re-invention album and the related tour still left something in 2016.

There was appreciation around Roger’s winning the “Guy of the Year Award”, the original shy drummer of the band, who, for the first time ever, became the “Guy of the Year”: we guess his class, his talent and his kindness all made him the 2016 fave DD boy. Simon was out of the competition and John’s voting was unexpectedly a little disappointing.

As usual, at the end, the Awards presenters joined the stage for the final greetings and, as usual, we sang a line each  – or so, … Lol! –  on the notes of the Christmas song of our generation, Band Aid’s Do they know it’s Christmas

***** Our thanks go to:

Samsung for proving the overhead projections and screens

the internet company for helping us creating the avatars of R. Palmer and T. Thompson

ASUS computers

the fans and the friends for voting and for their support

our own friends and families for patience and understanding

DD TV Crew and Management


***** Thank you and Happy Holidays ***


DD TV xx


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