DD TV Glam Pop Party – December 2016

We are saying goodbye to the month and also to the old year and seen all the artists we lost, let’s hope we would turn page in the new coming one. .

This month is coming to an end and on our blog it is time for lists…

We are regrouping all the topics and we’re going to share a list on George Michael and on this year.

We tried as always to add humour, so feel free to have a laugh when you think it is due.

Enjoy! – Happy New Year everyone!

George Michael (RIP)

The question

This was a query we had for years stuck in our head: “George, how should be a sensitive soul be approached like in the recording industry?” Well, we guess he could see his pals, as much sensitive as he was, thru the years, struggling in their ups and downs: how did he feel about seeing them on their own? Has he ever thought to get close and help out?

Live shows

We still have in mind his performance of White light at the Olympic Games, in 2012, London


He made pop music something classy, he made it “Pop” without making an revolution.

The top albums

We rate as the best albums “Make it big”  in 1984 with Wham and his solo “Older” released in 1992. We make a particular mention to “Songs of the last century”, a good album made of jazz-style covers of songs of the last century .

The challenge

He was part of that big challenge that can be resumed with motto “I’m a gay and I’m against the world”: he took any risk, taking all tolls and getting depressed after this. .

The charts

George Michael was regularly a number one or in the top 10 charts, with singles, with albums, with duets, with Best Of compilations.

Reality show

He was too shy to appear on TV, so we don’t think he would ever be in the casting of any Big Brother.

Live Aid, Live 8 and Live Earth

His line on the original Band Aid’s Do They Know it’s Christmas? Is epic. His Live Aid performance is memorable, with sir Elton John: we all expected him to look blonde, instead he was dark-haired and he was wearing the sunglasses.

DD TV Music Awards

If in 2017 his new studio album would come out, we’ll surely see the audience nominating it.

Fans power on the net

He really had a lot of loyal, amazing fans: nobody in that community seems to belong to any faction. He never complained of having stalkers.


He wasn’t a pioneer, he wasn’t a visionary like David Bowie, but he really had a vision on all, he had something fascinating in his music and style.


The worst speculation is when he was ill, few years ago.

Time is a river

He dropped out a little from public life and his hiatus made us a bit sad, of course, but also wiser. Although it took us by surprise, we accepted his new status, since he made coming out.

Could it  be the final encore?

Friends all stated that he was fine. We had news, other than he was locked in the Studio to work on an album and on a documentary, both due out in 2017.



The question

Ok, it was a leap year, but why crying for a long list of losses in music, arts and cinema?

Live shows

Our fave band did few incendiary live shows in our country. It also was amazing to see within the DD TV MAS finalists a couple of concerts run by women


2016 offered us some good music, despite all. We’ll now have the toll of the  secondary ticketing enquiry, which finally came to surface

The top albums

These are the albums we’d bring with us to the future … old and new!

Empire of the Sun

Mina e Celentano


Robbie Williams


Tiziano Ferro

The challenge

Our challenge/resolution is to keep calm and to not fall in the temptation of being controversial on our fave artists with ourselves and with our fellow fans, due to futile arguments. Let’s keep calm and listen to music!

Reality shows

We’d love 2017 to be the last year for talent shows: they are becoming boring, repetitive and the “artists” who come out are designed with the vision of their coaches, not with the audience vision.

DD TV Music Awards

We’ll start taking the nominees from June 1st, but we’ll keep monitored all trends of the fan community, all the year round. Too soon to say whatever else.


2016 was the year of speculation, because speculation is in every season! We love guessing away and we sometimes took part to few subjects speculated…

Time is a river

2016 wasn’t the first year we stopped listening to what our fave artists say in interviews, on the media and on line. We just found out we can’t agree with them on all. That’s human, not cruel! More importantly we are still music buyers.

Could it be the final encore?

All of our music heroes are as of December 2016 one year older, but are fine. No sign were left to make it the final encore. Fingers crossed.


DD TV xx


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