DD TV – Fans’ power on the web

Do we still have the power? To do what?


It is funny in the past few days I saw few weird things happening on the social media: I saw numerous fans sharing an on line petition in support of their music heroes in a lost lawsuit and encouraging them to appeal against it; I saw another group of angry and disappointed fans of the same artist creating a dedicated page, which they use to post their not so much positive things on their heroes; I saw a music fan, who, out of spite after e lawsuit against him, designed and launched on the social media a Page to throw (heavy) insults, death menaces, various types attacks and dissing his Italian fellow fans.

Another sad thing happening to the fans’ activity on the web is the agony almost all the Message Boards are doomed to death. This fact is certified and it persists, but I think the decision of artists to drop the Boards in favor of the social media was the natural evolution of things in time. Actually the msg Boards pay the toll of not being ready to the big challenges of time. I wonder why, though, artists keep paying the computer guys for their maintenance? Artists mostly use the social media to reply and to interact with their fans and they rarely log in their official Msg Boards to speak to their fans. Well, luckily msg Boards are not the only source to be heard. The social platforms giants can do better. No Forums/message Boards owner could expect the social media success and they underrated the fact the log in is free on the social media. Fans’ power can be shared thru other faster and easier ways. The FB Pages and the accounts are sometimes violated by hackers though, but that’s the price to pay your freedom here.

The few facts above I was witness of in these past few days show us that the fans still have some power left to be heard on the internet, especially in a positive way. The haters can be blocked, the groups of fans who have members dissing anyone can be stopped, there is room for petitions, and there is room to organize tribute concerts…. . Your voice can be heard, but common sense must prevail and longtime artists should be told of their fans’ activities.

I do not want to believe our longtime music heroes do not want to listen to us. I mean, they are free to go play the music they want, with the artists and session men they want to, they are free to pick up the songs they want to play in their set lists, but I’d be happy if, at least, they stop by to listen to the crowd, just to listen. If they dropped us it would hurt me: I can understand the pressure they are constantly under, but they can take some time out to listen to us.

I’d hope that, as a member of large fans’ communities on the web, I would still be free to choose who to stand by and to say my opinion in the right place and at the right time. I’d also hope common sense would reign over, aside love for music, on both on the fans’ and the music stars’ sides.


DD TV xx


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