DD TV Dance Floor Massacre – January 2017

Our argument every time is developed in the three different phases, whose names took inspiration from groove and whose content changes according to the mood of the discussion. The “forerunner” is like an introduction, the “tour de force” is the place hosting the hottest words, and the “slow dance” is the conclusion.



Drummers play and record on studio albums and live concerts; deejays prepare their DJ sets and mostly play in clubs: these two things imply a different “ear”, because music is performed in venues with different acoustics.

So how does our ear get fit to the new environment, context?

What are the pros and the cons for drummers and DJs?


Basically, the drum kit log and the kit for DJ set brand are for all and sundry to see when drummers and deejays perform live, but fans get concentrated in dancing, jumping and singing in the live events that they do not care of the differences in the sound. The fans might indeed complain in the sound quality, in the acoustics of the venue, where the live show took place. From these complaints DJs and drummers might decide to change their kits (and also try to perform better, … LOL!): here the debates, the arguing, the thread on the various message boards and social media burst out within the most sensitive fans.

As for drummers, the difference is noticed in the loudness of the drum beat: the new drums must be heard from the farthest fans in the back of the venue. It seems it is a matter of drumsticks power: we fans do not complain on our favourite drummer’s technique. It’s a question of hearing. Drummers are better to know that the loudest we can hear, the better we can listen.

As for DJs, the difference is in the ability of the new equipment to smoothly mix and faster all of the tracks of the set. We love dancing and we’d dream to be on the dance floor to shake us, to rock our souls with the best music set: the newest hi-fi tech provided is the one with the best dance mix in, which we expect to be smooth and fast. We wouldn’t like going back home saying “We just heard few tracks only and badly mixed”. The DJ’s choice should be helped by a good mixer.

In the studio, drummers need the best drum kit on the market: we do not want a drum machine, unless it is our drummer’s choice, we would like to hear a “cleaned” and sharp drumbeat.



All things above tended to move the discussion on how can a machine/drum  kit replace a drummer or a DJ, but it wasn’t so.

We gave up indications on how we’d like to hear the groove, so we hope that our fave drummers and deejays would use their equipment to match our words, otherwise they should change their drum kit and, if the listening pleasure isn0t the same, it will mean they have changed the groove kits.



This is another “ironic” DJ set, that is we picked up few songs whose titles can ironically match with these key words: beat, to hear, wall.



Duran Duran – Sound of thunder

Michael Jackson – Beat it

Don Johnson – Heartbeat

David Bowie – Can you hear me?

The Rolling Stones – Can you hear me knocking?

Enrique Iglesias – Can you hear me?

Rezophonic – Can you hear me?

Pink Floyd – The wall

Depeche Mode – In my room

Bryan Adams – In the heat of the night









DD TV  xxx


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