DD TV The Reader – January 2017


The Handbook against tricks and hoaxes – The crew of the TV show Striscia la Notizia

It’s just not a novel, not a science book: it’s a well done and well packaged handbook or “user’s guide” to help you orienting and go thru, if you’re one of the victims, in the Italy, of, alas, craftiness and immorality.

The tools given are practical words of advice on how to do, where to go, who to call in case it happens to you to be mocked, robbed.

I’m impressed by the high number of cases in the most variegated fields of our everyday life: health (fake doctors, healers and fake dentists), TV sales (of fake jewels, fake medicines and cosmetics), “smart” gas stations.

The worst testimonies of swindles are the ones operated to the old people, because they are the weakest ones and, so, the easiest ones to hurt.


“366 quotes” by Oscar Wilde

Oscar Wilde is a wit, wise and cultivated man. With this background, I totally expected to read wise things.

This was, in fact, a short, but intense collection of all of his famous quotes: they’re about 360 quotes on all. He argues about politics, man/woman relationship, taxes, society and few quotes are on himself.

I found humor – oops, sorry, British humor –  in every line of them. Most of them were realistic and futuristic, that is valid also for our current times.

I agreed with few of them in all of the topics, because I think they were conceived by a man like us, they don’t read quotes thought by a genius, but written by one of us, maybe a little wiser than us.


The days of eternity – Ken Follett

The amazing story of 5 families, who live in UK, USA, East and West Germany, throughout the Sixties: the author tells you the real facts of what happened in those years, with some romance on the life of the fictional families.

I just love the way Ken Follett writes, in particular on these history novels, as it is the second one of the 21st century trilogy I am reading.

His history novels read more helpful than all the books of history I read at school.


Franco di Mare – “Non chiedere perchè” a history novel on the war of Bosnia

Salvatore Lupo – “When mafia landed in the staes”: about the the Italian Mafia in America in the past century.

Laurence Gardner – The mystery of the Ark of the Covenant


Next update in June 2017


DD TV xx


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