DD TV Glam Pop party – February 2017

We are saying goodbye to February, the shortest month of the year (and as the a little superstitious ones say: now fewer months ‘til the end of 20 … 17!!).

Whenever a month is coming to an end on our blog it is time for lists…

We have decided to change the method to make the lists: the subject that we pick up “goes versus” the other topics we are used to discuss on our blogs. It must be said that not all the rest of the topics are suitable to the subject we have chosen.

This time the list is “news”.

We tried as always to add humour, so feel free to have a laugh when you think it is due.



News: clothes/style

The Fashion Weeks in September are a terrific source of news about clothes and style, about the new trends for both fans and artists.

News: the question

One million dollars question: do  the news media amplify what is true or do they only what is “convenient” to let people know?

News: live shows

The announcements of live gigs should arrive on time to let the fans search for the best seats tickets on time.

News: legacy

The facts we know thru the news make history and, in case of the artists, they make his legacy.

News: the challenge

Every journalist and every news media must make the best to get the news credible, truthful, not biased. There must be no corruption, at all! Wow, awesome challenges!

News: the charts

The number of the rank occupied by the our favourite artists’ records is a precious news item. The rank in the charts is used in the artists’ biography, in the fans’ chats, in the stories passed from old generation to younger generation of fans.

News: Live Aid, Live 8 and Live Earth

We were totally in the dark when Live Aid was held, but in a 30 years-time we got all the news we needed to hear to re-live it. Confessing we didn’t know some things  about Live Aid felt like being a bit out of time, but we were without MTV and our media then didn’t cover all.

News: DD TV Music Awards

News on our own Music Awards will be shared bit by bit, thru the year until the show day in mid-December! So stay tuned and thanks for support, for submitting your entries and voting.

News: radio

Radio share news, as well. We think it is the one medium that doesn’t bother you all day hammering you with certain items and subjects, maybe because they do not have the same number of journalists the press, the TV stations, the web stations have the chance to have.



DD TV xx


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