The challenge: the celebration of milestone anniversaries


One of the music acts I love and support next year is going to celebrate their 40th anniversary on the road; this is not the only long time music act which is going celebrate 40 years of making music between last year and next year. I have noticed a different set of plans to share the big date with their fans and I am going to discuss the main differences.

The tour – The plans of a big tour in support of a studio album are regularly made; on the other hand, I saw less frequently artists organizing tours to celebrate special occasions, but it does happen.  It is awesome also to hear the “special” set lists the artists announce to have in mind, in order to remark the special dates and the fandom awesomely and enthusiastically respond to, because it would break the studio album-tour-studio album-tour routine.  A celebrative tour would be healthy also to the artists, as they can enjoy live their audience affection for all hits, their artistic achievements, and their success so far.  The prices for the concert tickets would certainly become “special. The trouble of the secondary ticketing is another trick that recently came out, in particular on the concerts planned to celebrate dates or anniversaries, lonely events.

The release of special items – After years of selling items dedicated to each and every studio album, I wonder what special items can be designed and put out for the fans on these special events. My “wonder” turns into curiosity, though. Since the important dates just happen once in a lifetime, I guess every fan like me is supposed to eagerly await for an announcement in this direction: whatever designed with the musicians’ logo and only on this occasion is rated like a relish to worship, it is like having a piece of them taken in that moment. Musicians know it and I heard generally they approve to design brand new items.

The above plans are basically the ones I saw and they’re the only possible ones that can be realized by any long time music act on the road. On the other side, we fans are dreamers at heart and we always had in mind other things we wish could happen to celebrate any milestone date.

Here is my wishing list and I discuss of the things we basically dream about!

A special set list for the live shows – my favorite band, who are about to be 40 years on the road, next year – are now actually on the road in support of their latest studio album. Personally, I’d love this current line-up – as I think it is very complicated to bring back the original line-up of every era off their long career – to play a long(er) special set list.: say 40 songs: one for each year?

The release of special unheard music items – I tend to purchase every new object featuring their logo every year, in order to renew my kit – keyrings, mouse mats, pens – I’d love to hear new, special music items shared in these particular occasions: that song/remix, live version, that re-arrangement …. You know, things of these types would remind me of the event … And it would be a special memory also for the band, if they tried to rate such releases under the emotional point of view. That would be nice to a great number of people.

On the top of my thoughts and wishes, but I’m hastening to say it occupies the lowest rank of my list, you’d find a reunion for a farewell tour. As for my favorite band, the reunion would fail, because the band members have been strong egos, which, if put together could never find a real chemistry:  no management so far was able to create peace within them and maybe their early producers in the 80’s managed to share some human touch to them. As opposite, a reunion designed for a farewell tour is a more possible thing to happen: all tensions would end, because everyone would think it is the last time on Earth they would meet with each other and us fans we could enjoy really terrific moments with all involved in on the stage!

The farewell tours are maybe the most expensive ones to plan and to realize for the record companies and insurance companies and it is a business. For us fans, it would actually be the beginning of a long period of tears, due to the end of whoever artist’s career.

I didn’t realize that, considering all of the above aspects, celebrating a milestone year in long time artistic careers is just a huge challenge. Do not to underestimate it.


DD TV xx


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