DD TV The Screamer – March 2017


Getting the best concert ticket at the best price, for the best seat in the venue, we guess it’s the realization of a dream, for every music fan.

The thrill is finally there and you can personally hear your music heroes, just next to you playing and performing your music: who and what can replace this magic?

Unfortunately, not everything during a concert woks well: there are funny incidents and worse incidents taking place on the stage, which is better not wish to see to any of your friends: here we deal with the comic ones, the funny ones, who make you laugh over and over … although your favourite performer cuts a poor figure in front of thousands adoring fans!

One of the funniest facts is when they forget part of the lyrics while singing: at first you can’t believe it’s just your hero who has skipped the lines, then then you feel angry, because he was just your hero who did that – and everything had to be perfect to you., then you laugh, because you finally understand your artists is a human too and … what the f*ck!

The above are the human and most immediate reactions to when it deals with a long time singer, because it is harder when they have to keep in mind dozens of lyrics for their live shows.

When it deals with a breakthrough artists the feelings get into regret and anger, disappointment: in this case they young vocalists have longer to get ready with rehearsals and the tours are largely anticipated, that’s why they should try their best to not disappoint their fans.

We do not think there is any insurance company behind that can cover these incidents, just because they’re incidents: no one can say exactly when they happen and they’re human! Vocalists just have to warm up for the gigs at their best.

We had for some time stored somewhere on our computers our own music hero taped while forgetting the whole second part of a hit of the past (you could hear him singing at some point singing “… la la lalalala … ” and the fans singing along loud the right lines), but we removed the audio file. We removed it as a sign of respect to him!



The new edition should be back this spring, but the rest of the details still have to come in.

So far, we haven’t seen much success from the winners of this Talent Show and as it has been often under pressure from “X Factor”, the other “rival” big Talent Show.

Judges and Coaches were relevant, but we think the ones of the early editions left the best signs, when those editions coincided with the top viewers’/fans’ curiosity.

We wouldn’t miss the broadcast of this show if next spring weren’t be scheduled for airing.

We regret for the young talented people, who are trying all the ways to be noticed.

We were glad the format was nominated at the Kid’s Choice Awards


X FACTOR 2016-17

We supported for Manuel Agnelli’s team.

The finale was aired  on December 10th, 2016 : the winners were a multi-ethnical rap-hip hop – style band, named “Soul System” from the Alvaro Soler’s  team.



It deals with a new format for vocalists, but it is not a Talent Show and no coach/Judge is scheduled to take part to.

The performers are invited as guests and other talented tribute vocalists are, as well. Both original artist and tribute fans have to sing several hits of the famous performers’ catalogue, hidden inside a box and the audience in the studio have to guess in which box the real performer is, by hearing only the voices of all participants. The most voted box implies the exit of that vocalist from the match. There is no prize for the audience.

It is an original brand new format; it is also a celebration of the official vocalists, given the presence of the tribute vocalists, but if the audience never wins, what sense has this game?



DD TV xx


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