DD TV Glam Pop Party – March 2017

We are saying goodbye to March, one of the busiest months in the year to us.

And we’re glad to be busy making the new end-of-the-month list!


We have decided to change the method to make the lists: the subject that we pick up “goes versus” the other topics we are used to discuss on our blogs. It must be said that not all the rest of the topics are suitable to the subject we have chosen.

This time the topic is “Top albums”.

We tried as always to add humour, so feel free to have a laugh when you think it is due.



Top albums vs. Clothes/style

Certain top albums influenced the music performing style of other musicians. If any of these top albums had singles for which video clips were shot, these albums influenced also the clothing styles of people.

Top albums vs. the question

Why does it take so long to that album to be definitely rated as a top quality music album? Time and recording industry don’t they move forward at the same speed?

Top albums vs. live shows

The songs taken from the milestone records are performed live over and over during the tours: the regular performing contributes to make that album a top album to the general opinion.

Top albums vs. the challenge

The basic challenge to musicians is to make ANY album of theirs an epic immortal album: they’re aware this might cost in terms of money and time, but they generally believe in this. And we’re are here to wait for that epic music!!

Top albums vs. the charts

The credibility of the charts has always been under discussion for ages, but when an album of the past charts in the today rundowns, it can only mean two things: a) the chart is fake and biased, b) that album is really a top album and the younger generations like it.

Top albums vs. Live Aid, Live 8 and Live Earth

Live Aid, Live 8 and Live Earth marked the end of a long career for some artists and the launch in music to others. However, all of these three big events in music history left the marks. We wonder if any of the three events was the occasion that inspired some of those artists “to make better music”. Live Aid, Live 8 and Live Earth were, with no doubt, the sounding board.

Top albums vs. DD TV Music Awards

We celebrated top albums of the past in the early editions of our own Music Awards, but we realized those masterpieces didn’t need it and that’s simply why we stopped it.

Top albums vs. video clips

Did and does top music imply to shoot quality video clips? Maybe, music did, especially in the Eighties, when artists had the chance and the good taste to be the top, musically and visually. They were motivated to.

Top albums vs. news

The news of a new album of a top artist is always … music to our ears!

Top albums vs. radio

DJs on the radio have the essential role of spreading awesome music and of paying homage to the top albums.

Top albums vs. forming a fantasy line up band

Ok, this is our fantasy line up for a band to make a top album.

Guitars: Santana

Drums: Steve Ferrone

Keyboards: Martin Gore

Vocals: Simon LeBon, Bryan Adams and Elisa

Bass guitar: Adam Clayton

Backing vocals: Curtis King jr, Anna Ross, Tessa Niles



DD TV xx


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