DD TV – Why was it their last encore ?

I’m continuing the blog series about the “sudden” end of careers of some of my music heroes of the ‘80s.

I know it might read sad, but I am realizing that blogging on this one topic is helping me to be introspective, to share thoughts I could never share before. In other words, there is more than my own nostalgia could be here.

One thing I never said so far, but I’m going to keep it stuck on the next posts on this topic, is my big thank you for sharing big moments in music!

The History. Talk Talk was an awesome new romantic, synth pop and later post rock band who released music up to 1992, mostly successful music. The EMI was their label, but when the guys passed to work for another record label trouble started and their career had a stop.

My memories. Thankfully, I could enjoy their career throughout the Eighties, from their peak in mid-80s up to the end of the decade: I was in my teens. I enjoyed their music on the radio, whenever played in the DJ sets of the dance clubs, at school. I can remember there was much (positive) talk on the band within my classmates. I loved the lyrics and sang their songs loud (although I never cared that much of their meanings). I can remember they weren’t a band targeted for gossip, they managed to keep certain credibility musically, at least in my country: they succeeded to be music icons, not imagery icons; they could reach the top of many charts of the time, without focusing on the visual aspect of their music. Their music, not their outfit was trendy, in fact.

Why did it end in my opinion? It is not the first time I come to know that a successful music career has a drastic stop with the change of a producer or of a record label. I am a bit scary, because it seems the freedom for creating music is partly like “banned” by forces out of the performers. I always rated the ‘80s as the “partying years”: we all had a party, but now I realize it couldn’t go on for long and not for all; I didn’t want this blog series to become the tool to discover it.

In these past few days in my country there is a controversy over the destiny of talent shows: this argument might sound old in other areas, but it seems it reached the peak because it is involving one reality format that was seen as the only “credible” one by record companies and TV critics, aside a good part of the Italian music fans: the fact that these shows are blamed for killing music. Well, looking back, it was also something else that led music to be in agony!! And this “something else” is backed by the support of few agonizing (or” surviving”, it depends on your point of view).

All of my support to the “real” artists! I may be alone within the few music fans to be backing their battles, but I am sure more fans will comprehend the reasons why these artists are struggling, why they rant, why some of they were forced to get retired. These artists do it to save (their) music from general decay. Time will be, once again the healer.


DD TV xx


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