DD TV – Years ago, now to the future

In this new blog series, I’m going to focus on some of my music habits I had in my teenage and to see if I still do, if whatever and how it has changed or instead if it was replaced by something else.

The blog should have the aim to show that I’m still an avid music fans, although years have passed by quickly. Also, this writing is to see if and how the present music habits are going to influence the future ones.

Buying records in a record store. I was used to go to my local record shop. There were two guys; they were kind and always informed on rumors and snippets on the releases. I moved and now I live in a new area, where record shops are into malls. I found a difference in serving the fans: fewer smiles and the shop assistants are always in a hurry and the records are only the “most representative” ones of the “official” releases. All of these differences gradually led me to use the digital stores. The future? Digital stores will continue ruling, personally. The meetings with the other fans in a record store are now moved to … the bar!

Listening to music on the radio. The previews of releases have always been on the radio and to this day, although most of the artists share their new single on the social platforms, I still prefer the radio. If I miss any preview then I go on the social media. Radio would always be my favorite means to listen to new music.

Believing in the charts. Teenage is the period in your life when you need a “benchmark”, whatever to believe in, to trust in and that was the charts, whatever or whoever that replaces your mum and your dad. I believed and trusted in those numbers, because they worked on me as my parents’ words did to me. I trusted in them. Now I can say it is so nice to ignore them…!

Believing in what the music heroes say in the interviews. Same as for the charts. And my heroes today are on the road and they’re older, too: this implies they forget what they said years ago. Lol! Nice to have collected a large catalogue, a repertoire of various quotes in the years.

Believing in whatever the music press share. Same as for the charts. I love only seeing the pics of my heroes, especially if taken during the gigs. There is fake news, there were fake news. As for the so called “official press releases” of my music heroes, I obviously take them all seriously, but when there are rows, my opinion might change.

Sharing my opinions with fellow fans in my circle. The social media really make no difference between now and then: it is just the society and our more freaky way of living, so to speak, that had got us touchy, more critical towards almost all. Sharing my opinions might be dangerous at times. You have to use the right words when you speak and you can’t play the “peace-maker” or the referee. My choice is to express my thoughts when I’m on my own and when computers and other device are turned off.

The music parties. The music parties are something that I miss so much these days. It is due for age reasons: my fellow fans and I we grew up older, we are all family men and we can’t hare our passion for music as we did like in our teenage. Going to gigs is different, although it deals with a huge music party that you have the chance to celebrate with your music heroes. There was a change in the rhythm of our life, so to speak.



DD TV xx


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