DD TV The Reader – June 2017


“The Red Book” of Mao Tse Tung

Mao is the one who threw in the basis of modern China, which grew to become the major country we all know.
Mao was a cultivated, wise man, a true visionary.

This book, a.k.a. “The Red Book”, is actually the second most read book after the Holy Bible, due to the big number of Chinese poeple living on the planet.

Mao was an amazing leader, better than Gengis Khan, who actually was a warrior and persuaded people by killing them (!) and Confucious, who was a religous leader and just preached.

I can come to agree with many of Mao’s ideas, but I don’t like the punishment his regime inflicted to the ones who disagreed.

I AM READING “The Martian” by Andy Weir

It actually is the sci-fi novel (I can guess it was underrated, at the release moment) of the movie “The Martian” out in 2016, starring actor Matt Damon

It’s the story of an astronaut working for the “Ares 3” mission to Mars, who actually landed with some other guys on the Red Planet, but a Martian sand storm destroys part of their equipment and forces almost all the crew to escape back to Earth. The guys, during their escape to salvation, see their mate Mark Watney (Matt Damon, in the movie) apparently deadly wounded and wrongly realize they got nothing they could do to save and to rescue him, so they leave him on Mars.

Things are different: astronaut Mark Watney isn’t dead, he manages to recover from his wounds using the medical tools he finds on the vehicles and uses all his knowledge on mechanic engineering and botanic to find ways to survive, until the moment other astronauts from Earth come back on Mars and save him.

The parts of the book “from Mars” are written in first person, because he’s the surviving astronaut who reads his Martian daily diary. The portions “from Earth” are in third person” and are in the past tense.

It is so far an amazing read and I have to confess, I’m tempted to get the DVD of the corresponding movie.

By the way, this novel, which reads in the beginning naive and a little silly, is today a world best-seller!!

Next update in September 2017

DD TV xx


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