DD TV Eye on Fashion – June 2017

Eye on Fashion

Milan Fashion Week   June 17th – 25 June 2017

We are happy our music heroes are recruting teens within our fan base, which is made also of older people, to advertise their t-shirts and items of clothings off their ctaalogue of their own merchandise.

Valentino is owned by the Arabian Emirates; Krizia is owned by non – Italian hands: the famous “Made in Italy” logo was born here to be sold away.

Another fashion-related trademark is owned by non-Italian guys: Bulgari.

Top models in music? In the 80s few top models made amazing albums, although they were not properly professional singers: We pay homage to Sade, Brenda Russell; the late Whitney Houston started as a top model and ended up as a vocalist; later Naomi Campbell did an album. The most successful was the lovely Sade. Rock on girls with your style!

“Punk Masters” by American designer Patty Palazzo: Patty is an awesome woman-designer on demand. She can create some cool drum logos (played by some awesome drummers): she’s been doing designs for new tees; she designed artworks for records and books.  Patty is hosted in this space as “special guest” in the behind the scenes of the Milan Fashion Weeks.


Mid May: Ricky Martin, as Versace’s boyfriend, Penelope Cruz as Donatella Versace, for the Serious Crimes on Fox channel to remember the missed Italian designer Gianni Versace

26th May RIP Laura Biagiotti, the famous Italian designer had a heart attack and passed away. Awesome legacy. Design in peace.

10th June – Pitti Uomo, the famous Florence brand logo had event named “Meraviglia, Water and flames” to celebrate the June Fashion week. You could enjoy aero-acrobatic dance choreographies, video projections on water (the Arno river), fireworks effects, dancing springs. Congrats!

Early June: we have seen only Armani and Fendi making events on public areas, in this Week.

14th June: we are sad to hear the loss of Anita Pallenberg, an amazing woman, who was really involved in rock and fashion, in the Seventies. She was an icon and a muse for the legendary rock band The Rolling Stones. May your star shine in peace.



DD TV xx


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