DD TV The Screamer – June 2017


Every good vocalist wouldn’t need any help or trick to sound louder, to let it out.

We noticed that when the voice sounds particularly beautiful the songs are slow songs: the groove is deliberately made slower to let the listeners hear the power.

Back in the early 90’s we enjoyed the “Unplugged” trend, that is lots of music was “smooth, melodic, soft”: songs tended to sound radio-friendly and acoustic. Those musicians with their vocalists were used to perform in intimate small venues without electricity; it was then when we heard the first time vocalists accompanied by strings, classic guitars and piano.

We had the chance to hear better the vocals and to understand what they were singing, because fewer instruments accompanying  “isolated” the voice and the words spoken. They were unique recordings and concerts, which sometimes today are still performed: we think there is not nostalgia in this, because it is “technically nice” to be able to hear singers louder.

We said above we could hear piano and guitars accompanying the vocalists: we think we perhaps enjoyed better the piano aside, we could hear more passion from the vocalist, whereas when there is a guitarists too, sometimes the guitars overload the voice (too much passion, that is).

There is no difference in the results between female and male voices: all vocalists are professional when doing these types of performances. There is no rule that says piano is for women/men, or guitar is for women/men: the choice of the accompanying instrument should be up to the sound engineer and to the artists.


In Italy the show was closed, this spring wasn’t aired and it wasn’t confirmed for the next months of 2017.

We are amazed that in other countries the local editions go on and sometimes you might even find Italian peeps in, (in France, for example). All support everyone!


It is brand new format of talent show for new vocalists: you have a jury, but aren’t coaches. The matches are for a couple of competitors who have to perform the same song and the jury picks up the best performance. The winning vocalist goes to the next phase if he accepts the sum of money offered time by time; the winner never knows what he has to sing and who is his next competitor: it differs from the other talent shows for the sum of money, which replaces the final prize (usually a record contract with a big recording company).

X FACTOR ITALY 2017 – 2018

Team of judges of the 2017 edition was announced. After rumours and much speculation, the names are: Manuel Agnelli, Levante, Mara Maionchi, Fedez. Levante (it means “East” in Italian) is a young Italian songwriter, who comes  from the indie world and never won any talent show; the other three coaches are people taken from previous editions.

X Factor Italy will kick off in mid-September 2017.



DD TV xx


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