DD TV – Why was it the final encore?


The band reached the peak of fame and of popularity around the mid-80’s, due to a very catchy mix of  80’s synth-pop music. How come today, although the band is still on the road, they are still recognized only in North Europe, South America and, of course, UK?

My memories

Well, of the band I can recall the hits of around 80’s. Catchy, radio friendly. The clips was the engine, the music did the rest. Erasure was a super-group because formed by a former band of Depeche Mode and of British singer Andy Bell, who to me was unknown. I did know well instead, Vince Clarke. I Trusted on him just because I knew where he was from. Mine wasn’t a crush, but I had positive feelings towards the band. I have to admit I learnt somehow – LOL! – the dance-y moves of Andy Bell off their clips and the peeps of my then circle copied me. It got viral!

Towards the late 80’s, I noticed they changed and their music sounded “wiser”: there was more awareness in their lyrics and they grew serious, so to speak. At the same time we were no longer “kids”, so I guess we grew wiser together, with the difference that their popularity rate had a drastic and dramatic change.

I still rate Vince Clarke as a keyboards genius, aside Martin Gore and Nick Rhodes, off of my generation, of course.

.Record companies then supported every tentative of forming “super bands”, which lived a golden era since the Seventies. Later the global awareness moved on other topics, we had the growth of the internet and of the social networking that brought us few prestigious duets.. There is more individualism today.

The story

The real reason for their deep change of popularity is that they became gay icons and  the singer is reportedly a gay and a gay activist. They dynamic duo is still making music, but the their interests are simply others. Being totally into that cause was a conscious choice and maybe a painful decision to take.

My opinion

I do not think there isn0t any sort of homophobia deep down, behind the change of direction of their fans;: if it was the reason, … alas! Their fans are open-minded, but … still wanted to have fun.

I’m proud they support a good cause like the LGBT one.

It is not homophobia against them, but I think the level of attention and of appeal changed because in certain areas the question is taken more seriously than in others.

The story and the wise evolution of another band of the ‘80s, made me notice how so mush “seminal” the Eighties were: it is amazing how so many things started off then and have grown, developed and evolved today.


DD TV xx


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