DD TV Glam rock party – August 2017



Guitarists are an open book, they have an immense culture on music, on names: we’re in a state of awe whenever they speak of music.

By the way of prog – rock, jazz rock music: we can say we are amazed of hearing such musicality on studio albums. We guess rock tends to be “exclusive”, whereas pop is more open to inclusions, influences and contaminations from other genres.

We noticed from the fans’ feedback we hear and we read on the various blogs that the rock covers of originally pop hits are usually able to give “new life” to those hits… and we agree with them!

We are long time rock music fans and this question came out one day: is it necessary tp scream and to make a “rock” voice (à la Bryan Adams, à la Rod Stewart) to sound recognizable?


It is a breakthrough act, formed in the States, Las Vegas, in the 2010s, but musically this multi-Grammy Awards winning album (well-deserved, in our opinion) features some “moments in rock”: it is Brit – rock of the 80’s, the heavily-influenced-by-synths one: it musically and stylistically recalls Queen of the 80’s, David Bowie in the 80’s… .


We say goodbye to Greg Lake off the prog-rock trio “Emerson, Lake and Palmer”, “Lucky man” is their most famous hit. The surviving band member Carl Palmer did a moving tribute to him. Rock in peace. 2016 is cruel to music fans.

On late December we lost the Status Quo guitarist, Richard Parfitt: we knew his guitar since we were little kids, as in 1978 we were crazy for their hit “Whatever you want”. Rock in peace, Rick!

On 19th March, the pioneer guitarist Chuck Berry passed away: he created the ground for rock and roll as we know it and he was famous also for the “Duck walk” when he played the guiatrs. Berry, who was 90 years old, he influenced ALL the guitarists. RIP and walk like a duck in peace, Chuck!

Why in the TV Talent shows rock songs are rarely chosen for the competitors to perform? What are the rules to respect in the assignment process?

The is TV commercial going on heavy rotation on CNN and it features a legendary song of Ramones. Good taste, the CNN guys…

14th June 2017: Shine in peace to the rock icon of the ‘70s Anita Pallenberg, actress, muse, groupie and model and ex-wife of Ekith Richards of Rolling Stones. She was in rock music thanks to her love affairs with members of The Rolling Stones.

20th July 2017: we have lost  the lead vocalist of Linkin Park, the pop-metal American band. Chester Bennington was only 41 and he committed a suicide just as Chris Cornell, a close friend, who was the lead vocalist of Soundgarden, Audioslave. Rock in peace.

German Rock, US rock, …? It is always rock and roll, we think.




It sounds the closest thing we heard on the New romantic rock, in fact the album was released in 1978.



Music ranges from rock to country, to “Irish” music. Jimmy Page is one guitarist who can play whatever, he goes beyond rock: guitar God, guitar Master!
Topics of lyrics are love and friendship. There are particular lyrics like The immigrant song, Hats off to /Roy) Harper and Bron-aur-Stomp, which cover specific subjects and have an original story.
Our fave songs are Celebration Day, Gallows Pole, Since I’ve been losing you, Bron Y Aur Stomp. Tangerine is a very loved track by the Zep fans, whereas we weren’t much impressed.
This rock album is flawless and that was guaranteed by the one band as they have been . Only, we were surprised to find in so much “country” music and sort of “Irish” guitars !!!


This was their third album, the one featuring the smash hits: Walk this way and Sweet emotions. In fact they are the two tracks that made us know the band.

Musically it is hard rock, to some extent very close to the rock of The Rolling Stones. There is also an experimental Elvis-style track

The lyrics all focus on human madness, the lyrics read “naïve and carefree”, easy: the truth is that they speak of more serious topics.

We love: the title track, No more, No more. Amazing guitar riffs overall.


DD TV xx


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