DD TV Glam Pop Party – August 2017

We are saying goodbye to August 2017 the last summer month… so it was, when the climate on the Planet was right.

However we have to share the new end-of-the-month list!

We have decided to change the method to make the lists: the subject that we pick up “goes versus” the other topics we are used to discuss on our blogs. It must be said that not all the rest of the topics are suitable to the subject we have chosen.

This time the topic is “Legacy – currency”

Clothes/styles vs. legacy-currency

The vintage clothing items should never be thrown away, as time and our experience tell us that old fashion trends are used to be re-estimated. The old designs that made legacy become currency.

The question vs. legacy-currency

What is “currency” to the ears of the current major record labels men?

The top albums vs. legacy – currency

Currency goes behind legacy, that is the young breakthrough artists are influenced and inspired by the old milestone albums.

The challenge vs. legacy- currency

In the arts, the main challenge is to keep the legacy alive and the currency relevant. What it takes for the challenge is talent, creativity and the necessary support of fans.

The charts vs. legacy – currency

The old charts made legacy, the current charts make you … remiss the good old days… ! Current charts show records of new music genres rising up in the ranks and the “streaming and download” methods used to draw the charts, can show you new realities facing up.

Live Aid, Live 8 and Live Earth vs. legacy – currency

The legacy of these shows is an open book, as their social (and political) messages were addressed to the then politicians, but in the course of the years politicians changed. The level of global awareness has changed too. The three “Live”s are not relevant today, but are milestone events, they are a benchmark in music industry, they are like “.. the lighthouse in the sea of live music”.

Music Awards vs. legacy – currency

Some of the artists honoured in the various Music Awards have left an awesome legacy, hard to be replaced and hopefully the new breakthrough acts should be able to do the same today, as the “new guys” have much of their side, apparently, at least.

Video clips vs. legacy – currency

The video music industry left the mark in the past few years. New technologies on computer graphics, etc. … should be a source of encouragement and inspiration to keep the music video industry alive. The only key factor to work on is to keep also the music fans’ interest in this medium alive.

News vs. legacy – currency

History in music is full of more or less big and shocking announcements and it still happens to hear whatever that might cause stir. Looking back, the new thing on the field we have to “struggle”, so to speak, are the fake news: thanks to the social media the fake news have a larger impact on people than the real news, and the collateral effects of this impact aren’t very good. It must be said that, relatively to the recording industry, both news and fake news are often out of control.


DD TV xx


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