DD TV – Thoughts on the streaming services

Music industry got emptied of real good artists and now it seems to be investing on listening services: it is another aspect of the digital music, after the download.

To understand the turnover of this new field, I’m sharing some data on the streaming service I was passed along this past weekend…

On every 1000 visualization off You Tube, artists earn 0,50 euro – on every 1000 plays on Apple streaming service, artists earn 6,12 euro, if off Spotify artists earn Euro 3,69 and artists earn 0,59 euro if off You Tube.  The above is like the following if we speak US dollars: artists earn 12 dollars if the streaming service is Apple; artists earn 7,50 dollars if off Spotify and artists earn 1,50 dollars if off You Tube.

The revenues off streaming services correspond rose up to 60% in the past few months. The 40% of the You Tube visualizations correspond to the 4% of revenues off music CDs sales.

My fave band’s label, Warner Music Group would like to see empowered the video streaming on Facebook, Spotify and on Apple, in order to try replacing You Tube.

As for my habits; I have to admit I do listen to my fave music via digital original files, but I’m not registered to any streaming service. I have also an app on my smartphone of a music listening service, which offers me the first 30 days unlimited streaming of whatever song, featuring 3 seconds of ads, but I chose not to use it, because with my other device, radio, TV music channels, stereo set, mp man, I can listen to music when and how I want. I feel sick registering myself on thousands music sites, getting new passwords to keep in mind and your newly created account(s) to keep up-to-date.

Streaming is now a newly added method to draw the official charts, at least in my country and I really wonder how many times of plays of a certain tune can be relevant to count the record sales. Listening helps purchasing, purchasing helps the sales, this is how they reasoned, but in my long time music experience, listening never immediately implies purchasing that record. So, for me today the charts are a bit “weird”. The charts are truthful, because hi-fi tech can’t lie on the numbers of plays and purchases, but the totalizing is not fair.

The only way I love using the streaming “mode” is the internet radio stations. I love listening to the music they air, streaming, because it is without stops, interferences, no DJs speaking over the tracks. And the internet radio stations are free, you do not need to subscribe, to get the service, my smartphone app just finds the radio station and the game is done..

I am not a magician and I think I am not able to make the ideal streaming platform, but if there is genius out there, his platform would have to be a sum of compromises, in terms of royalties – both for the artists, who go sharing their tracks and for the music fans, who can enjoy fully of the tracks uploaded.

Whenever my heroes invite me to join to listen to their Spotify playlist, I refuse to, because I have to register, I have to download the appropriate software, I should have my own profile and upload my own playlists…: to me it is a vicious game and I don’t complain about it for laziness.

Streaming services is the new frontier, the new field where artists and record companies are fighting their war and this competition corresponds to the conquest of your home telephone line by the new major mobile companies.


DD TV xx


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