DD TV – Peace and War

Prior to say I would like to refrain from doing a political – oriented blog; I’m not so sure I’ll keep this intent alive right thru the end of this blog.

I’m only going to mention that we are living in a little safe world; that religion is mistakenly taken s “power to rule” and many of the Western leaders, tin my opinions are weak and mediocre. Certainly the moment we are living is influencing many musicians: (I can recall the two Gulf Wars encouraged rockers to realize fantastic albums). Let me clarify I do not want war to hear amazing rock songs….!

However going back into my world, peace and war can be seen also in the happiest moments of my heroes: how come success is often accompanied by shadows?

In the course of the years I became aware that success, popularity and fame – not to mention the stellar super stardom “à la Beatles” that only rarely musicians can reach, so to speak – are impossible to humanly bear by people playing in every group: each band member has his own rate of “sensibility” and just physical resistance to pressure, 24 hours on 24, 7 days on 7 attention. Everyone in the bands can make their best to be anywhere and to do anywhere their Management tells them to, at their peak of stardom: all of this (and maybe much more) is basically the block of reasons why I sadly cry for split ups and forming of factions in the fans communities. Every artist can pray and aspires to reach any kind of success level, but none is prepared to what might come after, there can be no “plan B” for them. In the course of their long time career, if survived to the split-ups and cracks inside after their overwhelming success, artists daily have to deal with money issues, royalties issues, the creativity directions with the rest of their crews … with us, loyal fans, watching and reacting!

When I was a teen I just enjoyed my music, I had the posters of my heroes stuck on my walls and I ignored all about the artists’ tensions; as opposite, today, ALL matters behind a three minutes song, as we come to know about the making of this and that. It is the human evolution of most of ourselves as older fans and our wisdom acquired should prevail to let it go and enjoy, but it is not always so and you keep arguing with the fellow fans …  I became aware of broken long time friendships after futile discussions on music, I heard of menaces, I heard of separation. It is sad, but true. I want to be the most opened-minded fan as I can. The fans’ painful arguments spoil the reputation of the artists, fans should know it.

I came to know recently the truth about the current guitarist in the line-up of my fave band: just WHO he really is and WHO “sponsors” him: I can’t share this truth, because it would be dangerous and the current factions within the fans would be more marked; in the meanwhile, now, my feelings of support towards this lovely guitarist turned stronger and … I am amazed, I am horrified by the wickedness of two of the musicians of the original line-up of this band. Their wickedness is unbelievable, it is nothing I can forgive and it is a shame.

In the end, success and continuous success is something I still wish to all of my music heroes, solo artists, bands, actors and actresses, writers, poets … so on. The rest (tensions, rows, frictions, spoiled relationship within their co-workers) is just “fiction” to me: I can call me out of there.


DD TV xx


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