DD TV Glam Pop Party – September 2017

We are impressed how fast time flies: September is finishing. It was a busy and nervous month, but we hope it was a nicer time for you.

However we have to share the new end-of-the-month list!

This time the topic is “Producers” (of music albums, we mean)

Producers vs. The Question

What does it take to be a good music producer?  The big trusty names are few.

Producers vs. Live shows

If the music producer was so talented to help release a fantastic album, we can be sure the new footage will be frequently played live.

Producers vs. Top albums

The milestone albums bring the name of the producers on top, too and these guys get on demand almost immediately (see Mark Ronson, Nile Rodgers, … ). Well deserved! Nice job if you can get it

Producers vs. Legacy

Ditto as above. Both names and albums get stuck on fans’ mind for a long time, for generations. The best music producers become lessons to learn, benchmarks, “lighthouses in the sea” for the younger generations.

Producers vs. The challenge

The music producer has to act as a fan, first, then as one who has the tech and organization skills. He also needs to be “neutral” in particular when working in the Studio for and with bands. He necessarily needs to be a good mediator with the record labels. He doesn’t need to be a “Controller”. Rock on!

Producers vs. Music Awards

The “Best Albums” category winners honour the best producers. Is it right, or is it a limit? Let’s say the Best Album Award is a good beginning on the road.

Producers vs. Video clips

We always wondered if the producers of the amazing songs and albums off the 80’s really loved the video clips shot for the music they produced ??? In the end, we think they did not care at all, it was just not their business.

Producers vs. radio

Without the radio DJs first, who passed the best music out, certain music producers would today be unheard. And the producers knew and know very well that they should try attracting the radio DJs first.

Producers vs. covers and remakes

The guys tend to be recruited to make new music, new material, new music, because they have their own vision. Their perspective is sometimes also used to make covers of older hits. Covers and remakes are a more limited business, although it is a trend

DD TV xx


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