DD TV – Lyrics do matter

When I listen to a song today what my music heroes tell me is important and it is sometimes the factor that determines if that songs deserves to be removed from my heart, my head and from my playlists!!

The progress. It was towards 1990 that I noticed I kind of “heard” the words, I think I was getting more concentrated and curious on the lyrics; in my English classes the international pop songs of the moment were taken to be the basis of English lessons: that was the beginning of all! Thanks to school my “naivety”, so to speak, of when I was 12 or 13 years old from 1990 was beginning to fade. The peak was in the 2000s, when I was conscious of my fluency in English, I was lucid and “adult” after my rehab off my coma. From since, I started to not neglect the lyrics, to not underestimate them at least. I learnt the meaning of a song is very often the “engine” of the groove; what the  performers mean determines the music. Funny that when I dislike a lyric, I miss the time when I was a kid that I didn’t listen to the words.

By the way of lyrics type that are intriguing, I love the introspective ones, the political/protest ones, the “visionary” ones (which usually features colours, picturesque descriptions, places…) used to describe a feeling, the songs about “running”, “fighting/struggling”, the ones about “aliens and astronauts”, songs on disease and doctors, the songs featuring animals, the songs about weather.

By the way of lyrics type I am not crazy for, I have to say I skip playing songs about death, about the search of a lover, especially when it’s a woman singing, the songs featuring a dad singing about their kids.

The above are mainly my biggest choices and fortunately for my heroes the list of songs featuring lyric types I love is longer than the opposite one. I have to say I’m not so categorical, I am able to be tolerant, or I try to ignore what it is said: in the end it is just a three minutes “brain experience”.

The “Read it and Catch it” featurette is a thing I wanted to create for the DD TV FB version: they’re few lyrics our  FB contacts sometimes ask to review, to share all what we figured out about, our view on what the authors might mean. So I can keep my brain trained and I love swapping ideas and hints with my fellow fans. However, we’re thinking to replace it with something new next year, because we don’t want to be boring.

I never thought lyrics could be important, I still put music at first, though.

Artists just need to communicate, to “say” something to their fans and it is amazing how they do it.

Guys, keep writing and keep up the amazing job, one of you last year was even honoured with the Nobel Prize …  Lol!


DD TV xx


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