DD TV Glam Pop Party – October 2017

DD TV Glam Pop Party – October 2017

We are on the way to say goodbye to October 2017, as it is coming to an end: it is one of the longest and tiring months in the year, for us. We can only hope it was a nicer time for you.

Having said that we are here to share the new end-of-the-month list, featuring the argument like on one topic versus some of the others that we usually speak of !

This time the topic is “Covers and Remakes”

Covers and remakes vs. The question

In the beginning the question was “How do they choose the hits of the past?”, but seen that, recently enough, certain artists have fun covering current hits as well, the question turns to be like “What’s the criteria adopted by them to pick up the best song to cover?”

Covers and remakes vs. Live shows

We often noticed there are re-arrangements also when they perform covers and remakes live. Due to their thrill and their responsibility to perform something big in front an audience, artists often find it nice to change the song furtherly… and we appreciate it!

Covers and remakes vs. Legacy and currency

The milestone hits of the past that were our legacy, now the trend of remaking them is becoming “currency”. Don’t make us wrong, we don’t mean today music is made only of “re-managed old hits”: past is our present, but the present is not lost.

Covers and remakes vs. top albums

The remakes, if well done, it must be said, can make the albums top albums. The artists’ good taste, if prevailing, can get their albums more respectable to the ears of critics, to the ears of their co-workers and to the ears of the audience.

Covers and remakes vs. The challenge

The challenge is to pick up the right old song and at the right moment. The second step is to ask for the original artists’ permission. Once the permission is released, they have to find the best musicians to realize the best new re-arrangements and, last but not least, the last target is to conquer the hearts of the fans. Good luck!

Covers and remakes vs. DJ music

DJ are used to sample parts of old mega-hits and people seem to appreciate it. The more frequently DJs use these pieces of songs, the sooner the covers get the “new DJ music”

Covers and remakes vs. Radio

Covers and remakes become popular thanks to the radio DJs: it is funny to hear both the original hits that are normally aired and their new rendition. It is now a balanced thing. Radio DJs should have the good taste to air the most captivating ones with an eye to the long-time fans of the original songs.

Covers and remakes vs. producers

Producers, in the particular process of realizing covers and remakes, should act like a referee and a boss. In the studio there should be the best recording tools to make the best “effects” and he should create the best possible chemistry within the musicians.




DD TV xx


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